This catalogue, which aims to describe the Héritage collection, is still very much a work in progress with slightly more than 50% of the collection outlined so far. The collection, as outlined here, however, provides a representative snapshot of the complete collection. As you will notice, every facet of Canadian society, from the first days of settlement until the middle of the 20th century, is reflected in these documents.

We are busy working on describing the remainder of the content and we will be releasing regular updates to this catalogue.

At this point, we do not know exactly how many titles will make up the collection — however, the estimated size is 800 titles on 60 million pages.

Some quick statistics

  • No. of films in complete collection: 35,000+
  • No. of films described in this catalogue: 19,941
  • Estimated no. of titles in complete collection: 800 +
  • No. of titles described in this catalogue: 505
  • No. of pages in complete collection: 60,000,000
  • Estimated no. of pages described in this catalogue: 30,453,000
  • Just over 50% of the collection has been described in this catalogue.

A few things to be mindful of when using this catalogue:

Descriptions in this catalogue have largely been taken from Library and Archive Canada's (LAC) online listing of archival holdings — the MIKAN catalogue. The number that appears in the column "Mikan no." refers to a number that LAC has assigned to the document in its MIKAN database. If you go to the MIKAN search page and choose to search by "MIKAN number", entering the number from the "Mikan no" column in this catalogue, will bring up LAC’s more complete descriptive record for that title.

Where dates are provided for an individual title (e.g. Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Manitoba Regional Office. Central Registry Files, 1939-1981), please keep in mind that these are the dates given for the paper collection as it exists at LAC. is, and will continue to be, respectful of privacy and copyright laws and will not always be able to digitize the more recent files in collections.

The accuracy of this catalogue may not be 100%. There may be a few cases where, titles listed may end up not being part of the Héritage collection. For the most part, the Héritage collection will not include any titles that LAC has already digitized and hosted online. We are making every effort to keep such titles out of the catalogue, but there may be a few cases where these titles have inadvertently been included in this listing. Once they come to our attention, we will remove them.

— June 2013

Genealogy Records

Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Affidavits from Métis and Original ‘White’ Settlers, 1870-1885 RG 15, D II 8(A) Volumes 1319-1324 (Consists of affidavits by Métis children in support of their claim to participate in the special 1,400,000-acre land grant identified under section 31, 33 Victoria, chapter 3 (the Manitoba Act) and by Métis heads of family under 37 Victoria, chapter 20. In each case, the affidavits give the name of the claimant, date of birth, parents' names, parish affiliation, affidavit number, and claim number.) 10 15 X 134034 (Eng)
164144 (Fre)
Aubert de Gaspé, Famille, collection, 1682-1977 (contient des documents relatifs à la famille Aubert de Gaspé: actes notariés divers; extraits de baptêmes; mariages et sépultures; notes manuscrites sur la famille de Gaspé; correspondance dont des lettres adressées en majorité à Alfred Aubert de Gaspé (fils de l'écrivain Philippe); documents seigneuriaux et successoraux; inventaires de biens; états financiers; reçus; et mémoires.) 3 4 X 129105
British Public School Boys training for and placing immigrants farms in Ontario (Empire Settlement Act) (Vimy Ridge Farm Agreement) 1 1 X 1436308
Canada. Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Copyright Office. Copyright Indexes, 1868-1974 (indexes to the names of those who filed for registration of copyright, and a series of title indexes which are arranged according to the nature of the work in which the copyright was registered, for example, literary, dramatic, musical and artistic. For the period prior to April 1938, only nominal indexes are available.) 141 211 X 191584
Canada. Correctional Service of Canada. Kingston Penitentiary, 1834-1994 (records include; inmate history description ledgers (1886-1954); inmate personal effects ledgers; the Warden's letter books and daily journals; Inspector's minute books and letter book; liberation books; punishment books; duty rosters; daily reports of Keepers and Guards; and various medical registers.) 62 93 X 134807
Canada. Correctional Service of Canada. Stony Mountain Penitentiary (Winnipeg), 1872-1921 (consists mainly of letterpress copies of correspondence. Included are the Warden's letter books (1872-1913), Accountant's letter books (1878-1902), Surgeon's letter books (1885-1897) and Inspector's minute books (1882-1889). Also included are Inmate Admittance Books (1871-1921). 17 25 X 134808
Canada. Immigration Branch. First Central Registry, 1873-1973 (subject and case files maintained in the first central registry system. The files relate to a wide variety of topics: settlement, ethnic groups, promotion of Canada abroad, immigration policy & procedure, illegal immigrants, administration, finances, etc. There are lists of names of individual immigrants on many of the subject files.) 276 414 X 134830 (Eng)
178731 (Fre)
Canada. Immigration Branch. Juvenile inspection report cards, 1920-1932 (Created by Immigration officials as they regularly inspected children brought to Canada by various organizations, including Barnardos. Arranged alphabetically by surname. Includes: name, age or date of birth, date of arrival, name of ship, name of Home/Union, dates and results of inspections, and name and address of employer(s). Many of the cards include informative follow-up comments.) 8 12 X 161388
Canada. Industry Canada. Registrar General. Index of advocates, land surveyors and notaries public in Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East, 1765-1867 (consists of a 207 page index of advocates, land surveyors and notaries public in Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East, 1765-1867.) 1 1 X 192627
Canada. Industry Canada. Registrar General. Land surveyor certificates, 1867 (consists of certificates (44 pages) issued to John McArll, Jesse Nunn, James Stewart and James Dickson to practise as Land Surveyors in Canada West.) 1 2 192629
Canada. Industry Canada. Registrar General. Miscellaneous registers, 1850-1953 (The records contain a variety of documents such as copies of Bonds, Charters of Incorporation, Commissions, Contracts, Letters Patent of Invention, Licences, Proclamations, Warrants and Writs. Also, land records including Conveyances, Deeds, Grants, Leases, Releases, Quit Claims and Sales. The term "miscellaneous" was applied to registers in which one entered a variety of documents.) 75 112 X 192635 (Eng)
193525 (Fre)
Canada. Industry Canada. Registrar General. Notifications of changes in the names of persons in Ontario, 1939-1949 (consists of registers containing copies of notifications of changes in the names of persons under provisions of the Change of Name Act for the Province of Ontario (3 Geo. VI, Chapter 6, 1939).) 3 5 X 192567 (Eng)
193372 (Fre)
Canada. Office of the Registrar General. Key of General Index. (consists of a listing in alphabetical order of the names which appear in the General Index, as well as the page number in the General Index and the line number on the page where each name is located.) 2 4 X 192540
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted police. Crime Indexes and registers, 1902-1919 (consists of crime indexes and registers. Until 1918 most offenses such as theft, assault, drunkenness, cruelty to animals, rape and similar cases which came before NWMP magistrates, or in which a member of the force was laying the charge, are listed in these crime indexes and registers, together with a notation of the punishment or fine meted out to the offender. They also contain information concerning war classifications such as movement of aliens, prisoners of war, parole certificates, Military Service Act defaulters, Bolshevik activities and the seizure of drugs.) 9 13 X 158601 (Eng)
164594 (Fre)
Collection des seigneuries de Batiscan et Champlain, 1651-1898 (Cette collection regroupe des actes notariés, des sentences, des procès-verbaux d'arpentages et des extraits de registres paroissiaux concernant surtout les familles Turcot, Cailla, Blanchet, Cusson, Houré et Marchand.) 1 1 X 97734
France. Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime. Série E- Titres de famille, état civil, notaires, 1599-1786 (A l'intérieur de cette série, les Archives nationales du Canada ont surtout fait transcrire et microfilmer les actes des notaires de la période. On retrouve aussi quelques papiers familiaux et registres d'état civil.) 2 3 X 112505
France. Archives des Colonies. Série E. Dossiers personnels, 1626-1817 (Cette série contient des dossiers individuels, classés par ordre alphabétique, des officiers civils et militaires et de diverses autres personnes des colonies. Ce ne sont pas de véritables dossiers mais plutôt des documents épars retrouvés après que les volumes de correspondance eurent été reliés. Ces dossiers ne contiennent pas toujours des renseignements très précis sur la carrière des officiers. On y trouve cependant beaucoup de pièces relatives aux nominations, promotions, salaires, indemnités, pensions, états de services, concessions de terres et successions ainsi que des certificats, des extraits de registres paroissiaux, des titres de propriétés et divers actes notariés.) 5 7 X 100153
France. Archives des Colonies. Série G1. Dépôt des papiers publics des colonies; état civil et recensements, 1666-1881 (contient des recensements généraux donnent le nombre global d'habitants, de familles, de religieux(euses), de jeunes gens en âge de se marier, d'églises, de moulins, de bestiaux et de chaloupes, ainsi que les cultures et l'étendue des terres cultivées. Les derniers recensements nominatifs peuvent mentionner les noms des chefs de famille, de leurs femmes, enfants et domestiques, des religieux(euses), l'âge, le métier, le lieu d'origine, l'étendue de terre cultivée, le nombre de bestiaux, de bateaux et de chaloupes, etc. Outre les recensements, certains des volumes indiqués ci-dessous contiennent des lettres, des mémoires, des pièces relatives aux concessions, des listes de réfugiés, de passagers, de gens hospitalisés, et divers autres documents.) 3 4 X 100172
France. Archives des Colonies. Série G2. Dépôt des papiers publics des colonies; greffes judiciaires, 1666-1758 (La série G2 regroupe des documents provenant de greffes judiciaires. On y retrouve des dossiers de procédures civiles et criminelles: requêtes, procès-verbaux d'enquêtes, d'interrogatoires, de perquisitions, de saisies et d'arbitrages, assignations, plumitifs d'audiences, arrêts, sentences, etc. On y trouve beaucoup de titres de propriétés et de pièces relatives aux successions, tutelles, faillites et ventes judiciaires ou même à la régie interne de ces tribunaux. Cette série regroupe les 5 sous-séries suivantes: Conseil supérieur de Louisbourg, Bailliage de Louisbourg, Conseil supérieur et bailliage de Louisbourg, Conseil supérieur de Québec et Contrôle de la Marine de Québec.) 9 13 X 100178
France. Fonds de la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, 1673, 1745-1772 (Ce fonds contient en premier lieu des documents divers tirés des archives de la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal. On retrouve par la suite trois séries de documents tirées de la Bibliothèque de la Bastille. Cette institution, qui depuis Richelieu servait de prison d'État, fut prise par le peuple de Paris le 14 juillet 1789. Ses archives, ou du moins celles qui n'ont pas été volées ou détruites au cours de ces troubles, aboutirent vers 1789 à la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal.) 1 1 X 100399
France. Fonds de l’Inscription maritime de Saint-Servan, 1758-1784 (Il s'agit premièrement d'un rôle général des habitants de l'Ile Royale, de l'Ile Saint-Jean, de Gaspé et autres lieux, débarqués à Saint-Malo et à Brest, y compris ceux qui sont venus des autres ports; subsistance et solde. On retrouve ensuite des pièces justificatives concernant ces mêmes allocations de subsistance, 1760-1761 ; contient quant à elle des documents sur la subsistance des habitants de l'Amérique septentrionale résidant à Saint-Malo et aux environs, 1772; les Acadiens revenus des Iles Malouines, 1773; la subsistance d'habitants des Iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon rapatriés en France, 1779, et les dépenses de leur retour aux Iles, 1783-1784.) 1 1 X 100031
France. Fonds des Archives départementales d'Ille-et-Vilaine, 1493-1764 (Les documents copiés dans le fonds des Archives départementales d'Ille-et-Vilaine proviennent des séries C- Administrations provinciales, E- Titres de famille et État civil et H- Fonds de l'Hôpital Saint-Yves de Rennes.) 1 1 X 99964
Fujiwara, Wesley N., flourished 1940-1986, papers (consists of genealogical and biographical manuscripts regarding the Fujiwara family of Kurune in Kyushu. Most of the biographical writing and other writings were done by Muriel Fujiwara, who also wrote extensively on the evacuation of Japanese-Canadians from the B.C. coast.) 1 1 X 106617
Gaudet, Placide, 1850-1930, Fonds (consiste en généalogies acadiennes et en notes généalogiques préparées par Placide Gaudet) 22 33 X 99141
Gould, John Nelson, 1879-1968 (Methodist/United Church minister; served in the area around London, Ont, including Sparta-Dexter, Port Stanley, St. Thomas, Sarnia and Richmond-Corinth; consists of seven notebooks containing the Reverend J. Nelson Gould's personal record of the baptisms, marriages, and funerals at which he officiated, 1916-1961. Also found in the notebooks are a list of the members received at Grace United Church, St. Thomas, 1926-1932; some statistical notes; and notes on the distances between churches; as well as four miscellaneous items: an account of the mortgage-burning ceremony at Parker Street United Church, Sarnia, 26 May 1946 1 1 X 102494
Great Britain. Public Record Office. Declared accounts, 1749-1823 (consists of accounts relating to the expenses incurred in transporting and settling emigrants in North America, 1749-1753 and 1815-1822, and accounts relating to military works and fortifications in North America, 1756-1797.) 1 1 X 105516
Haldimand Loyalist list (Provision lists and muster rolls, relating mostly to Loyalists, disbanded soldiers and their families in the province of Quebec) 1 1 X
Hannay, Dr. James. Reports on burial grounds in New Brunswick, 1908 (Mr. Hannay recorded all the data on the grave markers which sometimes gave family relationships and place of birth. He also included the location of the cemetery and some historical facts of not only the cemetery or settlement but of the church which was probably responsible for establishing the burial ground.) 1 1 X
Immigrants to Canada (Irish), 1833-1836 (consists of lists of immigrants from various parishes in Londonderry County, Ireland that were contained in the original Ordnance Survey of Ireland.) 1 1 X 104779
Jacques-Henri Fabien collection (consists of genealogical information over the period 1657 to 1974, distributed on more than 250,000 cards, drawn for the majority from parochial registers. In general, the topic are marriages and cards indicate date, names of husbands and their fathers and mothers, as well as the parish where took place the event. The collection also contains information on marriage contracts, as well as newspaper cuttings and obituaries.) 70 105 X 104871
Kipling Collection (consists of over 600 genealogical studies of Red River settlers, original fur traders, and servants of the Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company in the Red River area covering the years ca. 1749 to 1804; card index of approximately 4,000 cards prepared from the parish registers of the Red River Settlement, 1820-1884) 2 3 X 101228
Land Documents, 1763-1952 (originals and registers containing copies of leases, releases, deeds, grants, surrenders, sales, letters patent of land and related documents for Crown and Clergy Reserves, Indian and Ordnance Land, Dominion Land, etc. The documents relate to Quebec, Upper and Lower Canada, Canada East and Canada West and Canada.) 100 150 X 787982
Land Grant Applications, Mackenzie River District (applications made by Métis residents of the Mackenzie River District, 1921-25) 1 1 X 156354
Lower Canada (and Canada East and Quebec). Bonds, licences and certificates 3 4 X
Lower Canada. Land Books, 1844-1867 1 1 X
Margaret Scott Nursing Mission (Winnipeg), 1904-1911 1 1 X 1436309
McMillan, Archibald, 1761-1832 and family, papers (Merchant; sponsored the emigration of over 400 settlers from Lochaber, Scotland to Lower Canada in 1802. Papers consist of accounts, correspondence, petitions for land, powers of attorney and a charter party agreement pertaining to emigration from Scotland and settlement in Lochaber, Templeton and Grenville Townships, 1802-1832; lists of the emigrants who came on the Jean, Helen, and Friends (ships), 1802; family land records, wills and records of probate, records relating to the construction of the Grenville Canal, 1844-1899; and genealogical notes about the McMillan family, 1927-1971.) 1 1 X 100749
Mennonite collection, 1872-1966 (a selection of documents and files from the National Archives of Canada dealing with Mennonites. The selection was made in 1976 by Frank H. Epp, with assistance from the staff of the Federal Archives Division and includes all the major files on the subject which were then available in the Record Groups held by the National Archives, the major exception being RG 76 (Immigration Branch) which had already been microfilmed by the National Archives at an earlier date. Also included are documents selected by Epp from the Mackenzie King Papers.) 4 6 X 106547
Mercure, Prudent L., 1873-1913, papers (documents on the history of families of Madawaska, N.B., partly transcribed and compiled by Mercure ) 2 3 X 99140
Miller, W. J. , Collection (consists of genealogies compiled by Miller relating to 1200 families of Leeds County, Ont., 1398-1983; consists of charts, correspondence, certificates, announcements, invitations, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, photographs, wills, land records, etc.) 15 22 X 105923
North-West Territories Métis scrip applications, 1885- 1906 RG 15, D II 8(c) Volumes 1333-1372, Index (applications for scrip made between 1886 and 1906 by Métis living in the Northwest Territories and received by one of the Northwest Half-Breeds Claims Commissions. The applications give the name of applicant, his/her residence, place and date of birth, name of parents and origins, if married, etc.) 75 113 X 156353
Parish Register - Acadia and Gaspesia 1 1 X
Parish Register – Alymer et Gatineau, Quebec (Mission catholiques du comte de Wright 1 1 X
Parish Register – Annapolis Royal, N.S. (St-Jean-Baptiste) 1 1 X
Parish Register – L’Assomption-de-Sandwich-du-Detroit 1 1 X
Parish Register – Baie-des-Vents, New Brunswick (Paroisse catholique de St.-Laurent-de-la-Baie-des-Vents) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Beauharnois, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de St-Clement-de-Beauharnois) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Chateauguay, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de St-Joachim-de-Chateauguay) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Comte de Richelieu 3 4 X
Parish Register – Detroit, Mich.,USA (Paroisse catholiques du districe de Détroit) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Digby, Nova Scotia (Trinity Anglican Church) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Durham Township, Québec (files also include other records) 1 1 X 102968
Parish Register – Granville, Nova Scotia (All Saints, Christ Church and Trinity Church) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Horton, Nova Scotia (St. John’s Church) On same reel as Granville register X
Parish Register – Illinois, USA (missions catholiques) 1 1 X 98014
Parish Register – Louisiane, USA (missions catholiques) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (St. John’s Church) on same reel as Granville register X
Parish Register – Madawaska, New Brunswick (Paroisse catholique de St-Basile-de-Madawaska 1 1 X
Parish Register – Memramcook, New Brunswick (Paroisse catholique de St-Thomas-de-Memramcook; Néguac, N.B. (Paroisse catholique de St-Bernard-de-Néguec; Pointe-Sapin, N.B. (Paroisse catholique de St-Joseph-de-Pointe-Sapin); Richibouctou, N.B. 1 1 X
Parish Register – Michilimackinac, Michigan (Paroisse catholique de Ste-Anne-de-Mackinac) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Montreal (Paroisse catholique de Notre-Dame-de-Montreal 4 6 X
Parish Register – Nova Scotia 5 7 X
Parish Register – Oka, Québec (Paroisse catholique de l’Annonciation-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie 1 1 X
Parish Register – Ouabache, Wabash, Indiana, USA (Paroisse catholique Saint-François-Xavier) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Sorel 4 6 X
Parish Register – Peterborough, Ont. (St. Paul’s Church), 1834-1857 1 1 X 103315
Parish Register – Port Royal, Nova Scotia, 1702-1755 1 1 X
Parish Register - Quebec 3 4 X
Parish Register – Richibouctou, New Brunswick (Paroisse catholique de St-Antoine-de-Richibouctou) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Rigaud, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de Ste-Madeleine-de-Rigaud 4 6 X
Parish Register – Saint-Benoit, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de St-Benoit 4 6 X
Parish Register – Saint-Eustache, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de St-Eustache-de-la-Riviere-du Chene) 5 7 X
Parish Register – Sault-au-Recollet, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de-la-Visitation-du-Sault-Au-Récollet) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de Ste-Anne-des-Plaines) 3 4 X
Parish Register – Ste-Anne de Restigouche, Quebec 1 1 X
Parish Register – Ste-Rose, Quebec 1 1 X
Parish Register – Ste-Scholastique, Quebec (Paroisse catholique) 2 3 X
Parish Register – St-Louis, New Brunswick (Paroisse catholique de St-Louis-de-Kent) 1 1 X
Parish Register – Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de l’immaculée-conception) 2 3 X
Parish Register – Vaudreuil, Quebec (Paroisse catholique de St-Michel-de-Vaudreuil 1 1 X
Parish Register – Wilno, Ontario (Our Lady of Czestochowa, Queen of Poland Roman Catholic Church) 3 4 X
Parish Register – Winnipeg (Holy Ghost Parish) 1887-1960 1 1 X 104257
Proprietors of the Bank of British North America, 1873-1883 (consists of a 72 page register containing a list of proprietors of the Bank of British North America in Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 1837-1839.) 1 1 X 192548
Provincial Registrar of Quebec, Lower Canada, and Canada East (Declarations of aliens) 1 1 X 126098
Quebec (and Lower Canada). Civil Secretary. Applications for Commissions as Notaries, 1760-1852 (Submitted by persons wishing licences to practice as notaries or as advocate. A variety of supporting documents are found with the letters and petitions, attesting to the applicant's education, training and good character.) 10 15 X 125691
Quebec, Lower Canada, Canada East. Civil Secretary’s correspondence, 1760-1841, “ S Series” (Incoming correspondence, petitions, reports and other documents received by the Civil Secretary on behalf of the Governor, with some drafts of replies, are the backbone of the "S Series". The drafts and copies of Minutes of Council, petitions and reports submitted to Council, and other records created or accumulated by the Clerk to the Executive Council run parallel to the Secretary's correspondence. The series also consists of 3867 postal covers covering the period from 1759 to 1846, which were in most cases mailed from villages in Lower Canada.) 34 51 X 126122
Sackville Township, New Brunswick, 1784-1883 (minutes of the township committee, 1762-1763, 1770; a return of the "state and situation" of Sackville Township prepared for Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Carleton in 1786; a partial record of births and deaths, 1768-1822; copies of land grants in Sackville Township, 1773-1774; record of sheep marks registered in the township; minutes of town meetings, 1768-1851-1871) 1 1 X 107157
Seaside House (Metis Beach, Quebec) Guest register for 1878-1935 1 1 X 100078
Seigneurie de Saint-Ours (Quebec), Fonds, 1633-1940 (comprend les documents suivants: concessions, 1672-1855; ventes, 1719-1899; procès-verbaux d'arpentage, 1719-1886; pièces notariées et judiciaires, 1633-1907; documents légaux et paroissiaux, 1633-1877; documents familiaux: titres, commissions, notes généalogiques, etc., 1641-1885; livres terriers, 1751-1940; cahiers des oppositions au cadastre de la seigneurie; extraits d'actes notariés, 1845-1853; États des cens et rentes, 1837-1861. Mélanges: plans, rapports sur la navigation du Richelieu. Murray, 1766-1785. Documents généraux, 1786-1788; comptes divers, 1786-1791, 1810-1870; documents divers, 1777-1875.) 12 18 97821
Seigniorial Papers, 1733-1902. Series 2 (contains correspondence and papers relating to seigniorial lands; property transactions such as rents, mills, wills, roads, bridges and wills ) 13 20 X 119782
Shipping Registers 148 222 X
Town registers, Nova Scotia 1 1 X
United Empire Loyalist Centennial Committee ( microfilm copy of a book entitled 'The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884: The Celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara, with an Appendix'. It provides an account of the Centennial Celebrations held in Adolphustown, Toronto, and Niagara commemorating the arrival of the U.E. Loyalists in Canada in 1784; a membership list of each organizational committee with transcriptions of each address given to the attendees; and an appendix which reprints the "Old U.E. List" of the Crown and Department in Toronto, and provides the name and place of residence for thousands of Colonial Loyalists who fought for the British Empire and eventually settled in Upper Canada.) 1 1 X 99636
Upper Canada. Executive Council. Land and State book, 1782-1797 (contains the minutes of the Executive Council of Upper Canada and of it's Land Committee meetings) 1 1 X 3814879
Upper Canada. Executive Council. Land Minute Books, 1798-1841, and indexes (consists of minute books which record the deliberations and decisions of the Executive Council, sitting as a land committee, concerning land business during the period 1787-1841. These records are commonly known as the "Land Books".) 38 57 X 205068
Upper Canada. Land Boards, 1765-1804 (minutes and reports of the Land Boards, as well as correspondence and instructions or regulations for their operations) 3 4 X 205141
Upper Canada. Civil Secretary. Sundries (consists of letters, petitions, reports, returns and schedules, certificates, accounts, warrants, legal opinions, instructions and regulations, proclamations and other documents received by the Civil Secretary of Upper Canada, 1791-1841. There is much material of genealogical interest: letters, character references, land and settler petitions, family histories, criminal charges, licenses, pardons, requests for war losses compensation, etc.) 89 150 X 125539
Upper Canada. Sundries. Finding Aid 4 6 X 105208

Aboriginal Records

Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Contemporary indexes to Indian-related records, 1842-1961 (consists of a mixed collection of subject indexes prepared by G. M. Matheson (Registrar for Indian Affairs, 1898-1936) and other department personnel in the early 20th century to provide subject access to records relating to Indians and Indian Affairs (both those in department custody and elsewhere). Most subject indexes relate to central registry records in the Red and Black series although some refer to predecessor and successor records-keeping systems.) 5 7 X 159415 (Eng)
163108 (Fre)
Canada. Dept of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency. Toronto Office (Letters received from 1845-1877) 21 32 157752
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Deputy Superintendent General’s Letterbook 16 24
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Files transferred from Red Series to Black 1 1 157500
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. General Headquarters Administration Records, 1898-99 12 18 47944
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. General Operational Records, 1889, 1904-1951 (consists of files relating to most aspects of Agency responsibilities, including subjects such as land surrenders, annuities, vital statistics, schools, fur conservation and general agency administration.) 11 16 158962 (Eng)
162361 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Headquarters. Central registry. (Indexed letterbooks containing copies of out-going departmental correspondence relating to the administration of Indian Affairs in both eastern and western Canada, 1871-1920.) 508 762 133556 (Eng)
157815 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Headquarters. Central registry. Eskasoni Agency, 1942-1970 (The Eskasoni Agency oversaw the administration of aboriginal affairs on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia) 2 3 158965
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Headquarters. Central registry. Land Sales Series, 1903-1955 (files relating to sales of surrendered Indian lands in Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia.) 100 150 X 157513
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Headquarters. Central registry. Registers, indices and indexed registers, 1872-1962 (consists of letter registers, indices and indexed registers to incoming correspondence from both eastern and western Canada of the central registry system. The registers record the date of the incoming letter, the date of its receipt, name of correspondent, a brief précis of the subject, and an indication of action taken and the number of the file to which the letter was consigned.) 235 352 133557 (Eng)
161913 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Headquarters. Files. Black Series (Files relating to administration of Indian Affairs in Western Canada) 90 135
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Indian Commissioner for British Columbia, 1887-1964 (consists of a wide variety of general operational records created and maintained by the Office of the Indian Commissioner for British Columbia in Victoria and its precursors; some subjects covered include grazing; road rights-of-way; leases; bridges and engineering projects; fishing rights; surveys; timber; riparian rights; surrenders; land ownership disputes; railways; schools; estates; irrigation.) 32 48 133569 (Eng)
135619 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Kwakewith Agency. Operational Records, 1908-1920 (consists of copies of letters written by the agent at Alert Bay (Kwawkewlth) Agency) 9 13 158077
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Letterbooks (Out-going departmental correspondence relating to the administration of Indian Affairs in both eastern and western Canada, 1871-1920) 72 108 133556
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Manitoba Regional Office. Central Registry Files, 1939-1981 (consists of records relating to various aspects of the administration of Indian Affairs in Manitoba. The files represent a sampling of farming related activities, economic development, placement of Indian labour, reports and returns.) 33 49 135596 (Eng)
163005 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Modified duplex numeric system (consists of central registry files classified according to the modified duplex numeric system; Subject content includes: annuities, welfare, funerals, child care and agents' allowances ; trust accounts, savings, commutation, band property, insurance, winter works, incentive programs, Indian housing, community development, welfare and rehabilitation, residential schooling administration, policy, Indian treaties ; liaison with the United States Indian Bureau, federal-provincial relations, special committees of Parliament) 540 810 X 133712 (Eng)
161928 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch. Central Registry Files and other material, 1894-1954 (consists of central registry files, land files, central registry indexes, and a volume relating to the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the status of the Inuit in Quebec.) 9 13 135007
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Rat Portage Inspectorate (includes the following: a letterbook of outgoing correspondence of Indian Agent John McIntyre, 1881-1885; incoming correspondence, 1880-1893; band complaints, 1905-1911; estimates, 1894-1895; and a daily journal, 1895) 2 3 159151 (Eng)
162602 (Fr)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Robinson Treaty paylists and outgoing correspondence, 1885-1918 (records created and/or maintained by the Port Arthur Agency. The series contains microfilmed copies of paylists of Robinson Treaty annuities for Fort William, Red Rock, Nipigon Lake, Pays Platt, Pic and Long Lake, 1895-1901 (reel T-11942); and outgoing correspondence letterbooks, 1905-1918) 4 6 158991 (Eng)
162598 (Fr)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. St. Regis Agency. (consists of land lease registers, 1812-1875 a collection book, 1845-1875, and outgoing correspondence letterbooks, 1880-1921) 7 11 159178
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Saddle Lake Agency. Central Registry Files, 1906-1967 (includes records dealing with general Agency administration,, census, membership, vital statistics, treaty annuity payments, complaints, accounts, and most aspects of education including subjects such as general school administration, admissions and discharges, educational assistance, teacher counsellor reports and vocational training.) 4 6 159161 (Eng)
162623 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Saugeen Agency. Central Registry Files, 1925-37 2 3 159209 (Eng)
162675 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Sault Ste. Marie Agency. Letterbooks, minute books and land records (outgoing correspondence letterbooks, 1900-1919; a land sale book, 1877-1929; a council minute book, 1913-1925; and records related to the subdivision of Thessalon Indian Reserve, 1889) 4 6 159215 (Eng)
162677 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Northern District of North America, 1753-1829 (select documents retained in personal custody by Sir William Johnson and his successors as Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Includes: correspondence, journals and minutes, proceedings of Councils with native peoples, certificates, financial records) 2 3 107265
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Thousand Series, 1833-1970 (contains files relating to the general administration of Indian Affairs throughout Canada. Topics include enfranchisement, band loans, rights of way, mining rights, surveys and surrenders, mining, manslaughter and murder, oil and gas, soldiers settlements, timber, land applications, dyking, handicrafts, and fur farming Agricultural fairs, bridges, churches, council houses, dams, ditches and drains, gravel and sand, irrigation, Canadian Aviation school, land leases location tickets, case files, rules and regulations, reserve surveys, waterworks and wells, wharves, water licences, debts, amalgamation and separations) 173 259 X 157510
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Tyendinaga Agency (miscellaneous records of the Tyendinaga Agency including: Indian Land Sale Book, 1836-1902 Return of Crown Land Agent for Hastings County, 1854-1860; Cash Book, 1856-1888; Census returns, 1898-1901; Outgoing correspondence letterbooks, 1893-1913; Scrapbook, 1895-1901). 10 15 X 159259
Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Office of the Deputy Minister. Accounts Branch. Scrip record journal, 1895-1924 2 1 1516012
Canada. Dominion Lands Branch. “Half-breed” files, 1885-87 (consists of a numerically arranged series of subject files created by the Dominion Lands Branch and dealing with Métis land claims. They contain correspondence, applications for scrip, powers of attorney and certificates for scrip.) 5 7 X 134033
Lower Canada and Canada East. Secretary of Indian Affairs. Central Superintendency. General Land Records, 1837-1964 (consists of miscellaneous records relating to land and land sales in the superintendency.) 18 27 X 157755
Missions des Hurons de La Pointe-de-Montréal-du-Detroit 1 1
Treaties and surrenders, 1680-1956 (By the late 19th century, the Department of Indian Affairs had amassed at its headquarters office an extensive collection of original Indian Treaty documents. Drawn from various sources over many years, these records were maintained together as a collection by the Department. The first instalment of the documents now found in this sub-series was transferred to National Archives custody in 1907. Additional records were transferred subsequently over a number of years. The federal government published transcribed texts of the majority, but not all, of these documents in a three-volume set titled "Indian Treaties and Surrenders". The first two volumes appeared in 1891; the third was published in 1912. Documents numbered 1-138 according to this system were published as volume I of "Indian Treaties and Surrenders". Documents 140-280 1/2 were published as volume II, and documents 281-483 were published as volume III. The texts of documents numbered higher than 483 were not published.) 5 7 133621 (Eng)
135676 (Fre)

Government Records

Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Alaska Boundary, 1903 (Correspondence from Sir Clifford Sifton) 2 3
Canada. Board of Works. Correspondence received, 1827-1859 (consists of correspondence received by the Board of Works; main subject headings for this correspondence are: bridges, roads, public buildings, canals, and tenders. 21 31 191321
Canada. Commission to Investigate into and Report upon Claims of certain Canadian Pelagic Sealers Alleged to have been damnified by reason of the Pelagic Sealing Treaty of the 7th July, 1911 between Great Britain and the United States, Russia, and Japan, and by the Paris Award Regulations of 1893 (consists of transcripts of hearings, minute books, information relating to claims, correspondence, shorthand notes, drafts of the Commissioner's report and a typescript of the report signed by the commissioner.) 5 7 181
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Central Registry Office. Duplex numeric subject classification system, 1918-1953 (consists of files that relate to the work of all its branches, farms, and agencies from the end of World War I until the early 1950s. Aspects of Canadian agriculture reflected in these records include research work on experimental farms, production, economics, international relations, individual varieties of livestock, grain, fruits, and vegetables, co-operatives, legislation, policy, general administration, League of Nations and United Nations food organizations, agricultural fairs and exhibitions, price supports, marketing boards, diseases, pesticides, agricultural education, fertilizers, meat and canned food inspection, and numerous files on the role of the Department in the Allied War effort, 1939-1945.) 47 70 134086
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Deputy Minister’s letterbooks, 1888-1916 (consists of letters sent concerning the general affairs of the Department, including letters and memoranda to the minister and senior staff of the Department.) 15 23 156192 (Eng)
163180 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Entomology Division. Insect Pest Surveys, 1892-1942 (consists of an alphabetical series of cards created by the Division of Entomology between 1892 and 1942. These are reports on insect conditions. The cards give information about the species, the host, the approximate percentage of infestation, the localities involved and the history of the outbreak.) 17 25 134111
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. General Letterbooks, 1852-1894 (consists of letters written by the Minister and senior officials of the Department concerning such topics as aid to agricultural societies, road construction, fairs and exhibitions, animal and crop matters and immigration. In the period 1852-1857 a few letters refer to fishing conditions.) 20 30 156173 (Eng)
163114 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Semi-official letterbooks, 1871-1893 (consists of letters and memoranda written by the Minister, Secretary, Deputy-Minister and Assistant Deputy-Minister, mostly to other officials in the Department, concerning immigration, cattle inspection and a few other agricultural matters.) 26 39 156178 (Eng)
163169 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Ornamental Research Services (Consists of two ledgers of growth statistics and plant histories from the Plant Research Library. The records relate to ornamental plant research at the Central Experimental Farm's arboretum. Statistics are given concerning the growth and planting of nearly all ornamental trees, shrubs and plants between 1897 and 1937.) 1 1 156263 (Eng)
163225 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Environment. Inland Waters Directorate. Indexes, 1912-1950 (The indexes list in detail the subject and author of virtually every letter, memorandum and report on these files with a corresponding file number.) 4 6 135057
Canada. Dept. of External Affairs. Office of the Under-Secretary of State, 1908-1952 (consists of records that reflect the operations of the Department of External Affairs as a whole and the Office of the Under-Secretary of State in particular. Canada's external relations are covered in files on Imperial relations, the League of Nations, the Second World War, trade and immigration questions, Canadian-American economic and defence relations and the United Nations. The role of the Under-Secretary in Canadian domestic issues is shown in files on Dominion-Provincial relations and conferences, Japanese Immigration and the internment of Japanese-Canadians during the Second World War, internal security issues and numerous files on the Canadian north. The Under-Secretary's administrative responsibilities are covered in the files on the operation of the department, personnel related questions and the establishment of foreign consuls.) 59 89 134302 (Eng)
162786 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Finance. Office of the Deputy Minister (consists of records created and maintained by the office of the Deputy Minister.) 2 3 134189
Canada. Dept. of Health. Dominion Council of Health. Minutes of meetings, 1919-1962 (This body,formed to facilitate co-ordination with the provinces and various private organizations on health matters, is the principal advisory agency to the Minister of National Health and Welfare.) 4 6 100130
Canada. Dept. of Health. Environmental Health Directorate. Bureau of Medical Devices, 1975-1993 (consists of Bureau of Medical Devices registry files from the 9680 block. The microfilm reels contain notifications under parts I through IV of the Regulations and amendments to certain notifications.) 315 472 193660
Canada. Dept. of Justice. Legal opinion files, 1875-1968 (consists of central registry files containing legal opinions prepared by the Department of Justice. Opinions typically result from an inquiry from another government department or agency, on any matter requiring a legal interpretation, including legislation, regulations, and government liabilities or responsibilities.) 128 192 179791
Canada. Dept. of Justice. Legal opinions and material of precedential value, 1863-1963 (consists of central registry files containing legal opinions prepared by the Department of Justice. These files typically resulted from an inquiry received by the Department of Justice on a wide variety of subjects from another department or agency of the federal government. A legal opinion on the matter was prepared by the Department of Justice and a reply sent to the department or agency from which the inquiry was received. These volumes contain also files that were retained by the Department of Justice because they contained "material of precedential value". Some examples of the subjects contained in these files are matters related to military service, certification of unions under the Trade Union Act, disallowance of provincial legislation by the federal government, division of powers cases, immigration, and issues arising from the purchase of goods and services by the federal government. For the years 1904-1934, there are some Civil Litigation Registry Files and Property Registry Files containing legal opinions on various matters.) 179 268 X 133978 (Eng)
3798992 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Justice. Letterbooks of the Office of the Deputy Minister of Justice, 1867-1934 (consists of indexed letterbooks, arranged in chronological order, containing copies of outgoing correspondence from the office of the Deputy Minister of Justice.) 104 156 133974 (Eng)
202670 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Labour. Deputy Minister’s Office. Lacelle files, 1902-1945 (consists of records that are the earliest administrative files from the first central registry records system of the Department. They are named after Joseph Lacelle who was an employee of the department from 1905 to 1946 and who was the originator of the filing system. The records deal with all aspects of the department's work during the period and constitute all that has survived of the main central registry records for the earliest years. There are a number of key files on unemployment relief after 1930 and on departmental responsibility for technical and vocational education, the development of government policy on old age pensions and unemployment insurance in the 1920's and 1930's. For the years of the Second World War there are key files on the Department's major activities including the National Selective Service and the British Columbia Security Commission.) 108 162 134380 (Eng)
193118 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Labour. Economics and Research Branch. Strikes and Lockout files, 1907-1978 (files contain departmental forms returned by the employer and the union involved in each dispute listing the causes of the dispute, the number of workers affected and its duration. Also included are newspapers clippings and any correspondence pertinent to the dispute.) 84 126 134359 (Eng)
193133 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Board of Works records. Registered correspondence, 1842-1860 (consists of correspondence received by the Board of Works. The main subject headings for this correspondence are: bridges, roads, public buildings, canals, and tenders) 45 67 133764 (Eng)
194128 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Chief Architect’s Office. Letterbooks, 1873-1909 (consists of bound, indexed copies of outgoing letters created and/or maintained by the office of the Chief Architect.) 56 84 133782
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Registered correspondence, 1859-1879 (consists of registered correspondence from Public Works's docket registry system.) 105 157 133753 (Eng)
194228 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Registered correspondence. Registers of papers filed, 1879-1907 14 21 191403 (Eng)
194263 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Subject Classification Registry System. Letterbooks, 1879-1912 (consists of bound, indexed copies of outgoing correspondence from the registry system.) 237 355 133770 (Eng)
194268 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Public Works. Subject Registers, 1879-1910 (registers of all incoming and outgoing correspondence arranged by the subject number.) 55 82 191401 (Eng)
194261 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Canals Branch. Correspondence, registers and indexes, 1828-1936 (consists of records related to correspondence, created and maintained by the Canal Branch of the Department of Railways and Canals from its establishment in 1879 until the organization of the Department of Transport in 1936. The sub-series includes a number of index cards, registers and journals which are useful for checking at a glance all the correspondence received in the branch from a specific individual or department.) 7 10 134578
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Canals Branch. Office of the Chief Engineer of Canals, 1830-1955 (consists of records acquired and accumulated by the Office of the Chief Engineer of Canals. The records of the Office of the Chief Engineer of Canals are not very extensive, although the surviving indexes and registers indicate that at one time the correspondence was voluminous. However, the letterbooks of outgoing correspondence of successive Chief Engineers from 1873 to 1896 are extant and very valuable.) 39 59 134587 (Eng)
135542 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Canals Branch. Rideau Canal. Register and Indexes, 1834-1964 2 3 134594
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Canal Branch. Registers of letters received, 1881-82 8 12 134583
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway (consists of all manner of legal documents relating to the expropriation of individual parcels of land ; abstracts of title, register certificates, statutory declarations, deeds, certificates of title and correspondence) 28 42 X 134612
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Legal Records. Registers and Indexes, 1820-1937 (consists of general and subject indexes, contract and agreement registers, and references to the Exchequer Court.) 8 12 134606
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Office of the Chief Engineer. Correspondence, 1875-1892 (consists of records acquired and accumulated by the Office of the Chief Engineer relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1875-1892.) 6 9 134613
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Office of the Superintending Engineer, Welland Canal. Departmental correspondence sent, 1883-1921 (consists of letterbooks of correspondence sent from the engineer in charge of the Welland Canal to departmental officials on the operations and maintenance of the canal system. Included are letterbooks of correspondence and accounts relating to damages done to the Welland Canal by various vessels, 1884-1921.) 28 42 137378, 137379 (Eng)
137902, 137903 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Railway Branch. Correspondence, 1867-1936 (consists of correspondence acquired and accumulated by the Railway Branch.) 36 54 137043
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Records related to the St. Lawrence Canals, 1871-1950 (includes records from the following creating bodies: Office of the Superintending Engineer, St. Lawrence District; Office of the Engineer, Williamsburg Canals; Collector of Tolls, Murray Canal; Office of the Superintending Engineer, Soulanges Canal; and Resident Engineer, Cornwall Canal.) 51 75 134598 (Eng)
135553 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals. Records related to Welland Canal, 1824-1959 (The series includes records created by the Paymaster, the Overseer of the Dunnville Feeder Canal, the Superintending Engineer, the engineer in charge, and other members of the canal's engineering staff.) 7 11 134602 (Eng)
135557 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch. Central Registry Files, 1897-1954 (The records thoroughly document all aspects of the federal government's involvement in the North, with the general exception of natural resource and land matters which during this period primarily fell under the purview of other administrative units; reflect such administrative functions or areas of jurisdiction as public health, welfare, education, schools, hospitals, wildlife protection, game laws and regulations, Wood Buffalo National Park, the administration of the two territories' governments, Arctic sovereignty, scientific investigations, northern exploration, communications, transportation routes (including air travel), the maintenance of law and order, the reindeer industry, municipal government, the fur trade, trapping, collection of vital and other statistics, buildings, licensing, liquor control, territorial ordinances, trading posts and companies, appointments, industrial and commercial development, Eastern Arctic Patrol, roads, bridges, publications and newspapers, films, general community files, surveys, churches and missions, wartime northern projects, the RCMP in the North, and tourism. Many of these records are individual case files) 286 429 135008
Canada. Dept. of the Interior. Straight numeric file classification, 1873-1928 (consists of a) registry files covering the early growth of national parks in Canada, from the acquisition of the mineral hot springs at Banff to the creation in 1911 of a separate Dominion Parks Branch of the Department of the Interior, and b) indexes which were created in the early years of the Dominion Parks Branch to retrieve information from the Branch's own central registry files; 9 14 134953
Canada. Dept. of Transport. Articles of Agreement for Canadian-registered ships, 1936-1962 81 121 X 133883
Canada. Dept. of Transport. Civil Aircraft Registration, inspection and operation files, 1920-1986 (consists of central registry files that document the development of policy, its application, the airworthiness of the new types of aircraft being introduced into Canadian airspace, and their individual certification; registry files related exclusively to the registration, inspection and operation of civil aircraft.) 718 1077 X 133868 (Eng)
135366 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Transport. International Aviation Directorate, 1945-1977 (consists of documentation accumulated by Canada's representatives as part of ICAO through the International Aviation Branch of Transport Canada. These records consist of minutes of meetings relating to ICAO's Assemblies, background documents, working papers and correspondence relating to ICAO's operations and activities including air navigation and air transport as well as records relating to the work of various ICAO sub-committees and regional conferences.) 165 247 133889 (Eng)
135451 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of Transport. Legal Services Division. Legal Documents, 1936-1982 (copies of legal documents including contracts, deeds, leases and agreements pertaining to Transport Canada's work.) 232 348 133920
Canada. Dept. of Transport. Registers of marine certificates, 1883-1964 (consists of registers of certificates of competency granted to marine engineers for steam vessels and to masters and mates of inland and coasting vessels.) 8 12 X 179973
Canada. Dept. of Transport. Ship Registration Division, 1904-1983 105 157 133926
Canada. Dominion Council of Health fonds, 1919-1962 (formed to facilitate co-ordination with the provinces and various private organizations on health matters, is the principal advisory agency to the Minister of National Health and Welfare; consists of minutes) 4 6 100130
Canada. Dominion Lands Branch. Central Registry Subject Files, 1871-1946 (consists of central registry subject files created by the Dominion Lands Branch. These numerically arranged subject files contain letters addressed to various officials of the department. They bear on every aspect of resource management, and land administration, sales and settlement. They include departmental memoranda and other relevant documents, as well as general ruling and policy files dealing with the Métis scrip commissions, Military Bounty, and North-West Mounted Police land warrants.) 569 853 156349 (Eng)
164134 (Fre)
Canada. Dominion Parks Branch. Central Registry. Correspondence registers, 1919-1937 (The registers are arranged alphabetically, by name of correspondent or subject. They then list the date of the letter, the letter identification number and the subject.) 23 34 134958
Canada. Dominion Parks Branch. Central Registry. Registers of incoming letters, circa 1916-1919 (The registers are arranged alphabetically, by name of correspondent. For each entry, there appears the date of the letter, a letter reference number and the subject.) 3 5 134957
Canada. Dominion Lands Branch. Correspondence Files 169 253 97622
Canada. Dominion Parks Branch. Park subject classification (central registry files relating to all the activities of national and historic parks administrations from 1911 to the mid-1960s; the files cover the establishment of parks, park townsite development, land leases, wildlife, conservation, sports, tourism, campgrounds, forestry, roads, water power, wartime work camps, surveys, commercial development, forest fire prevention, lectures by park officials, interpretation services, public relations and other topics relating to the general park administration.) 1659 2488 134956 (Eng)
188061 (Fre)
Canada. Fisheries Branch. Registry Files, 1883-1915 (Consists of registry files which closely parallel the administrative history of the Fisheries Branch; a majority of the organizational units and their functions are represented within these records, as is information on most types of fishing practised during this period. A variety of records is included such as documents pertaining to the issuance of fishing licenses; reports of inspectors, overseers, guardians and wardens; and employment records of certain individuals. Relations with other countries, from treaty negotiations to the seizure of foreign vessels, are also represented. Following the turn of the century, documents relating to the branch's marine biological stations were created as the scientific component of the branch expanded.) 398 597 134265 (Eng)
201540 (Fre)
Canada. Governor General’s Office. Papers, 1765- (Fonds consists of records created and/or maintained by the Office of the Governor General of Canada and by the colonial predecessors of that office.) 487 730 16 (Eng)
432 (Fr)
Canada. Marine Branch. Subject file classification system, 1923-1936 1 1 134556
Canada. National Capital Commission. Heritage Register, Case Files, 1930-1976 (contains copies of files from the National Capital Commission's Heritage Register. It contains information about the identity of properties or parts of properties of heritage value in the National Capital Region. It holds the location of such properties and legal and other descriptions of them.) 17 25 X 43766
Canada. Natural Resources Canada. Office of the Director. Letterbooks, 1865-1908 (consists of the letterpress copies of the outgoing correspondence of the directors or their assistants.) 28 42 136842
Canada. Natural Resources Canada. Office of the Surveyor General. Index, 1881-1949 (consists of an index to the registry files of the Survey General.) 13 20 136842
Canada. Parliament. Unpublished Sessional Papers, 1916- (Includes sessional papers which were tabled in Parliament but not ordered to be printed ; Includes unpublished reports of the Committee, Commissions, and Boards of Inquiry, answers to questions put to Cabinet Ministers, and many other records of daily government business) 170 255 163633
Canada. Post Office Dept. Chief Post Office Inspector. Correspondence, 1870-1898 (consists of numbered correspondence from the Chief Post Office Inspector, generally addressed to the Postmaster General. The correspondence for the years 1875-1898 consists of reports and additional explanations on individual appointments, sites for post offices, hand-sketched maps, community petitions, the establishment of routes and the carrying out of instructions) 3 4 133457
Canada. Post Office Dept. Administrative Branch. General correspondence. (consists of general records containing files relating to Christmas help, 1932-1934, the purchase, maintenance and refurbishing of the mail tender, questions on Post Office affairs asked in the House of Commons, 1920s and 1930s; correspondence to the Deputy Postmaster General concerning the Annual Report for the years 1932-1936, correspondence relating to changes in the Postal Guide, 1921-1934; correspondence on the use of the Pitney Bowes and Midget Universal postage meters first issued in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg, 1926-1928, correspondence relating to rates on printed matter, 1920-1936; correspondence regarding mail privileges for newspapers and journals, rates, advertising regulations, franking, inserts, lists of Canadian weekly newspapers, lists of subscribers and early comics and minutes and proceedings of the Dominion Postal Conference of 1922) 14 21 133431 (Eng)
164446 (Fre)
Canada. Post Office Dept. Deputy Postmaster General, Correspondence, 1873-1902 (consists of letterbooks containing copies of correspondence sent to the Chief Postal Inspector from the Office of the Deputy Postmaster General on a variety of subjects, including the establishment and closure of offices, appointments, resignations and dismissals, contractors for route service, mail boxes and investigations of post office practices.) 4 6 133453
Canada. Post Office Dept. Deputy Postmaster General. Correspondence addressed to the Post Office Inspectors, 1851-1902 (contains instructions on such matters as Post Office printing and advertising, tenders, the establishment or the cessation of service, appointments, resignations and removal of personnel, requests for investigations and reports and explanations or amplification of procedures.) 121 181 133408 (Eng)
164096 (Fre)
Canada. Post Office Dept. Deputy Postmaster General, International Correspondence sent, 1851-1902 (consists of letterbooks containing copies of international correspondence sent by the Deputy Postmaster General to the postal departments of England, the USA and other countries. The correspondence covers diverse subjects such as lost and misdirected letters, covering letters for the transmission of the General Accounts, acknowledgements for the receipt of mail packets, the exchange of mail through Canada to a third country, abstractions from the mail and notices of changes in rates and regulations.) 49 74 133456 (Eng)
164106 (Fre)
Canada. Post Office Dept. Financial Services Branch, 1841-1952 (consists of financial records covering various accounting procedures, including accounting ledgers for both domestic and international postal affairs; balance sheets and stock books relating to the purchase of stamps, postcards and stamped envelopes; accountant's letter books; savings bank statements, transactions and declaration books) 117 175 133418 (Eng)
164441 (Fre)
Canada. Post Office Dept. General Superintendent of Postal Services Branch, 1877-1939 (consists of files created and/or maintained by the General Superintendent of the Postal Services. The files relate to Post Office establishment, accommodation and outfitting. The correspondence covers such matters as the dismissal or resignation of the Postmaster, political patronage, and the general operation of the office.) 115 172 133430
Canada. Post Office Dept. Inspectors. Letterbook (correspondence) 3 4
Canada. Post Office Dept. Inspectors. Reports (for Charlottetown, Halifax, New Brunswick, British Columbia) 39 58
Canada. Post Office Dept. Transportation Branch, 1895-1902 (consists of correspondence related to mail privileges and government patronage. The correspondence is from the Office of the Deputy Postmaster General and is addressed to Members of Parliament and to editors and publishers of newspapers. The correspondence relates to the purchase and discontinuance of subscriptions and to the granting of free mailing privileges) 8 14 133459
Canada. Post Office Dept. Transportation Branch. Mail Service Contract Registers, 1839-1980) (consists of registers and correspondence providing details on individual mail route contracts. A register records the name of the route, the name of the contractor, the number of trips per week required to fulfil the terms of the contract, the distance, the rate of annual payment and the commencement and termination dates of the contract. Some earlier registers stipulate the mode of conveyance, the time allowed to perform the duties, the names of sureties and the amount of bond provided.) 74 111 133410
Canada. Post Office Dept. Transportation Branch. Rail and Water Services Division, 1853-1969 (consist of correspondence relating to the establishment, extension, discontinuance and reduction of railway and water service throughout Canada and to Newfoundland. Included here is correspondence dealing with delays (accidents, wash-outs, etc.), equipment and supplies on postal cars, duties and conduct of railway mail clerks, mistreatment and mishandling of mail and mail logs, side service contractors, summer service, catch posts, and list of post offices served.) 78 117 133433 (Eng)
164277 (Fre)
Canada. Privy Council. Cabinet conclusions, 1944-1956 (consists of summary minutes of Cabinet meetings. In 1944 A.D.P. Heeney suggested that, in addition to maintaining minutes of the Cabinet War Committee, a record would be kept of the conclusions or decisions taken by the full Cabinet. Summary minutes were kept of the meetings and used to prepare the decisions but they were not approved, being simply memoranda of the discussion. Although the "conclusions" do not provide a verbatim account, they constitute the only official record of the discussion at the Cabinet meetings. The records are organized by date and meeting number. An agenda is included with each meeting which identifies the location, date, time and names of those present at the meeting. It also lists the items discussed.) 2 3 133170 (Eng)
163234 (Fre)
Canada. Privy Council. Indexes and registers 89 133
Canada. Privy Council. Minutes, 1867-1952 (minutes, annexes and reports created and maintained by the Privy Council Office. Minutes and Orders in Council are reports submitted to the Committee of the Privy Council which become orders in council when they are approved by the Governor General. There is little difference between an order and a minute of council, that difference is one of form rather than substance. The Orders in Council for the period 1867-1900 are available on microfilm reels C-3287 to C-3353, C-3371 to C-3427, C-3602 to C-3671, C-3769 to C-3785. [This is around 207 films.] Although the Orders in Council for the period 1901-1952 are also available on microfilm reels T-4442 to T-5245, [around 803 films] the film is not only of poor quality, but it was not filmed according to archival standards. For example, there are no targets, no running heads and some of the 35mm film has two parallel 16mm exposures on the same film making it hard to read.) 883 1324 D=235 films 133112 (Eng)
162996 (Fre)
Canada. Public Archives. General Index (an index to the Collections and finding aids of the Archives) 32 48 3723367
Canada. Public Service Commission. Commissioners Meetings (consists of agendas, minutes and supporting documents from Commissioners' meetings dating from 1953 to 1985. These records are a key source which document formal policy making at the Public Service Commission.) 5 7 134426
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Accounts, contracts and supplies, 1899-1917 (consists of records of the Accountant's Office, consisting almost entirely of routine financial statements and accounts paid by the Comptroller. Statements of expenditures incurred in the Northwest Territories were forwarded to the comptroller for approval and payment.) 8 12 158569
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Dawson City headquarters records, 1898-1910 (consists of special orders or directives sent directly to the officer commanding the Yukon Division; also consists of the letterbooks of the Superintendent in charge of NWMP in the Yukon.) 9 13 158622, 158621 (Eng)
164711, 164709 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Letterbooks, 1885-1900 (consists of letterbooks of the Commanding Officer relating primarily to supplies and personnel matters, including letters for accounts, requisitions, general orders and a few monthly, weekly and crime reports. D Division was stationed at the following locations when these records were created: Battleford (1880-1886), Fort Macleod (1886), Fort Steele (1887-1889), and Fort Macleod (1889-1919)). 8 12 X 158638
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Commissioner, General and district office letterbooks, 1878-1904 (consists of the correspondence of the Commissioner other than to the Comptroller, with few exceptions for the period 1881-1904. The subject matter reflects the various activities of the Commissioner's Office.) 40 60 158587
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Commissioner. Letterbooks of the Acting Adjutant at Regina, 1888-1908 (consists of letterbooks created and maintained by the Acting Adjutant at Regina. Included in these letterbooks are letters dealing with pay stoppages, transfer of men, punishment for minor offences, transfer of police lands and shoeing of horses.) 6 9 X 158589
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Commissioner. Letterbooks. Telegrams, 1882-1919 (consists of the telegrams of the Commissioner's Office bound chronologically in large scrapbooks. Subjects covered by these telegrams relate mainly to routine matters, although those sent during the 1885 Rebellion are of great interest.) 19 30 158590
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Commissioner. Official Correspondence. Indexes and registers, 1876-1920 (consists of indexes and registers. These records are incomplete up to 1885. The indexes constitute a finding aid to the registers, which in turn give a description of the contents of the files. From 1911 to 1920 the indexes do not refer to general subject titles but only to individuals under investigation) 33 49 X 158577
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Accounts, contracts and supplies. Supply indexes and registers, 1886-1920 10 15 158572, 158568 (Eng)
164420 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Correspondence relating to finance, 1895-1917 (consists of letterbooks containing bank statements, covering letters for cheques, financial balance sheets and similar routine financial matters.) 7 10 158563
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Correspondence relating to personnel and recruiting, 1895-1919 (consists of letterbooks containing replies from the Comptroller to inquiries for enlistment or advancement in the North West Mounted Police.) 7 10 X 158565
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Correspondence relating to personnel, pay and kit, 1894-1914 (consists of letterbooks dealing with routine pay increases, deductions, refunds, fines, charges for uniforms and kits, etc., of members of the force. Each letterbook includes an index of the names of members of the force concerned in the transactions.) 3 4 X 158564
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Letterbooks, 1919 (consists of a letterbook from the Office of the Comptroller Angus A. McLean that includes correspondence with N.W. Rowell, the departments of Labour, External Affairs, Militia and Defence, as well as the Commissioner of the RNWMP and other senior officers of the Force. The correspondence concerns labour organizations, social unrest, military defaulters and communist activities for the period, 27 February to 19 April 1919.) 1 1 158566
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Office of the Comptroller. Official Correspondence. Indexes and registers, 1874-1920 (consists of indexes which constitute a finding aid to the registers which list the files in numerical order. The registers provide a finding aid to the official correspondence, usually giving a comprehensive outline of the contents of the files. Thus they are very useful in cases where the original file is missing) 56 84 158525 (Eng)
164500 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Semi-official correspondence, 1903-1919 (In addition to routine financial matters, it also contains correspondence relating to liaison matters and public relations such as answers to inquiries from mothers and wives whose sons or husbands went west and were not heard of again.) 8 12 158562
Canada. Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. (consists of submissions, transcripts of hearings and supporting documentation, research files and working papers, administrative files, newspaper clippings, minutes of meetings of the commissioners, draft reports of the commission, and related material.) 5 7 251 (Eng)
667 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, Hearings and Index, 1951-1960 (submissions and transcripts of hearings) 10 15
Canada. Royal Commission on Energy. Submissions. (v. 1-24) (consists of transcripts of hearings, submissions and subject files.) 1 1 230
Canada. Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences, papers, 1946-1951 (transcripts of hearings, submissions and research studies.) 24 36 120
Canada. Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada, 1982-86 (consists of transcripts of hearings, submissions background material, content analysis of the submissions, correspondence, etc.) 25 38 173 (Eng)
589 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, 1962-1970 (consists of a precis of the hearings, the submissions and the unpublished studies.) 6 9 242
Canada. Royal Commission to Inquire into the Immigration of Italian Labourers to Montreal and the Alleged Fraudulent Practices of Employment Agencies, 1904-05 (consists of correspondence of Judge Winchester, Antonio Cordasco, Alberto Dini, etc.; newspaper clippings and copies of La Patria Italiana, Corriere del Canada and Giuseppe Garibaldi; booklets of the Italian Immigration Aid Society, advertisements, which include the sailing dates of passenger vessels, and related documents.) 1 1 210 (Eng)
626 (Fre)
Canada. Royal Commission to Investigate the Facts Relating to and the Circumstances Surrounding the Communication, by Public Officials and Other Persons in Positions of Trust of Secret and Confidential Information to Agents of a Foreign Power, 1942-1946 (consists of transcripts of in-camera hearings and exhibits) 15 23 123 (Eng)
539 (Fre)
Canada. Treasury Board. Correspondence. Letterbooks, 1868-1918 (consists of letterbooks containing copies of outgoing letters and some memoranda respecting items submitted to the Board.) 68 102 140770
Canada. Treasury Board. Indexes and registers, 1868-1995 (onsists of indexes and registers created by the Treasury Board itself to constitute true finding aids to the Minutes of decisions. For the period 1868-1948, they give an accurate and condensed account of the Board's decision on each submission.) 36 54 140780
Canada East. Provincial Secretary. Numbered Files – Registers and Indexes. (Documents received by the Provincial Secretary for Canada East 1841-1867, were entered in a numbered registry system. The numeric sequence was begun anew each year. Even when the documents have not survived, the corresponding Registers recorded details about each file, offering a wealth of information not merely about a specific question but also about government operations generally.) 241 361 126148
Canada West. Provincial Secretary. Correspondence, 1787-1867 (Documents received in the office of the Provincial Secretary for Canada West between 1841 and 1867 -- be they petitions, letters, reports or returns -- were entered in a numbered registry system, together with a number of files antedating 1841 but brought forward for some purpose.) 169 253 X 105228
Canadian Government Railways. Intercolonial and Prince Edward Island Railways Employees' Provident Fund, 1855-1910 (These records relate to the Intercolonial and Prince Edward Island Railways Employees Provident Fund for the period 1855-1910. They include histories of employees and provident fund membership registers.) 23 34 X 179947
Canadian National Railway Company. Intercolonial Railway. Office of the General Manager, 1892-1910 (one of Canada's first Crown Corporations; consists of records generated and maintained by the Office of the General Manager.) 210 315 179722
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Records of Public Hearings, 1968-1981 (consists of records of public hearings held regularly across the country by the CRTC. The Commission plans, coordinates and conducts these hearings to consider applications for various broadcasting undertakings, policy matters, and proposed regulations as specified in Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act. The hearings are also intended to solicit interventions from members of the public on the subjects of a given hearing, or on subjects which fall within the Commission's mandate.) 12 18 135110
France. Archives des colonies. Série B. Lettres envoyées, 1663-1789 (lettres et instructions du roi et du ministre envoyées aux gens des colonies: gouverneurs, intendants, officiers civils et militaires, évêques, missionnaires) 16 24 X 100113
France. Archives des colonies. Série C11C. Correspondance générale; Amérique du Nord, 1661-1898 (Malgré son titre général, cette série est constituée par de la correspondance, des mémoires et des documents divers concernant Terre-Neuve, l'Ile Royale, l'Ile Saint-Jean, l'Ile Madame, les Iles-de-la-Madeleine et Gaspé.) 5 7 100117
France. Archives des colonies. Série C11D. Correspondance générale; Acadie, 1603-1788 (Cette série sur l'Acadie comporte de la correspondance ainsi qu'un grand nombre de documents divers reçus par le secrétaire d'État en France: instructions, mémoires, ordonnances, documents financiers et économiques, etc. Elle renferme dans les volumes 8 à 10 un certain nombre de documents sur les réfugiés acadiens et canadiens dont une liste alphabétique de ces pensionnaires de l'État) 4 6 X 100120
France. Archives des colonies. Série C11E. Correspondance générale; des limites et des postes, 1651-1818 (Cette série contient des pièces relatives aux limites des colonies françaises et anglaises et aux divers postes établis en Amérique du Nord.) 2 3 100128
France. Archives des colonies. Série C11F. Correspondance générale; Terre-Neuve et les pêcheries, 1696-1814 (On retrouve dans cette série des documents communiqués par les Archives du ministère de la Marine et des Colonies à la Commission des pêcheries. Cette dernière fut établie en 1876 pour enquêter sur les prétendues infractions aux droits de pêche des Français sur les côtes de Terre-Neuve. Sous la présidence de M. LeBon, cette commission réunit de vieux documents relatifs à cette question (ca 1698-1814). La majeure partie de ces papiers couvre la période 1763-1790; la série ne suit pas l'ordre chronologique) 1 1 100121
France. Archives des colonies. Série C11G, Correspondance générale; Raudot-Pontchartrain, domaine d'Occident et Ile Royale (Cette série est complémentaire des autres séries contenues sous la cote C11 et renferme le même genre de documents: correspondance, mémoires, instructions aux administrateurs, arrêts et décisions. Les pièces qu'elle contient proviennent surtout des intendants Antoine et Jacques Raudot.) 1 1 100129
France. Archives des colonies. Série C12 (Correspondance générale, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon), 1763-1844 (Cette série contient de la correspondance, des mémoires et des documents de toutes sortes échangés entre la colonie des îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon et la métropole.) 2 3 100131
France. Archives des colonies. Série F2C. Colonies en général; mélanges, 1651-1790 (La série F2C contient des résumés de lettres et de mémoires portant en note l'avis du roi, du ministre ou du Conseil de la marine. Ces pièces se rapportent en majeure partie aux envois de soldats, d'hommes de métier, de vivres, de marchandises et de matériaux de construction aux colonies.) 1 1 100157
France. Archives des colonies. Série F3. Collection Moreau de Saint-Méry, 1540-1806 (Cette série comprend une sélection de documents contenus dans la collection Moreau de Saint-Méry et relatifs aux colonies françaises en Amérique du Nord. Les documents de la collection conservés en France sont soit des originaux ou des copies faites par Moreau ou des secrétaires; l'arrangement des pièces est tantôt géographique, tantôt par sujet. On y retrouve de la correspondance des autorités coloniales et métropolitaines, des actes du pouvoir souverain, des ordonnances des gouverneurs et des intendants, journaux de campagnes, arrêts des Conseils supérieurs, actes notariés et autres documents.) 11 16 100163
France. Archives des colonies. Série F5A, Missions religieuses, 1639-1784 (Cette série contient de la correspondance, des mémoires et des documents divers touchant les affaires religieuses des colonies.) 1 1 100167
France. Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime, 1599-1787 (Aussi les archives de la Charente-Maritime contiennent-elles beaucoup de documents sur les échanges commerciaux et les mouvements de population entre la France et le Canada.) 5 7 99962
France. Bibliothèque nationale. Département des imprimés, 1538-1907 (En 1537, l'ordonnance de Montpellier attribuait à la bibliothèque royale un exemplaire de tous les volumes publiés en France. L'abondance des imprimés versés depuis lors dans cette institution nécessita en 1720 la création d'un département des Imprimés. Les Archives nationales du Canada ont reproduit 35 documents relatifs au Canada ou à des personnages ayant rapport avec le Canada.) 1 1 100397
France. Bibliothèque nationale. Dépârtement des manuscrits. (Les documents contenus dans ce fonds consistent en volumes et manuscrits originaux des 17e et 18e siècles concernant le Canada et l'Amérique du Nord.) 8 12 617219
France. Conseil de Marine. Série B1, Décisions, 1715-1789 (La série B1 se divise en deux parties bien distinctes: la première comprend les registres de délibérations du Conseil de marine et la seconde les dossiers du Travail du roi et du ministre.) 4 6 100215
France. Conseil de Marine. Série B2, Ordres et dépêches, 1662-1750 (Cette série renferme des ordres du roi et des dépêches provenant des bureaux de la Marine. Ces pièces s'adressaient aux ministres, hauts fonctionnaires, autorités municipales et provinciales, officiers servant dans les ports ou en mer, directeurs de compagnies de commerce, armateurs, munitionnaires, supérieurs d'ordres religieux, évêques et autres personnalités de l'époque. Elles étaient aussi destinées aux officiers coloniaux qui se trouvaient alors en France. Les ordres du roi sont exprimés sous forme d'ordres proprement dits, de lettres, de mémoires, d'instructions, de commissions, de brevets, de congés, de passeports, de certificats, d'ordonnances, d'arrêts, de règlements, etc.) 17 25 100217
France. Conseil de Marine. Série B3, Lettres reçues, 1662-1749 (La série B3 renferme les lettres reçues par les bureaux du Ponant et du Levant ainsi qu'une partie de la correspondance des bureaux des fonds, des prises et des classes. Il s'agit de lettres, mémoires et pièces jointes expédiées au secrétaire d'État de la Marine principalement par les ministres, ses collègues, les hauts fonctionnaires, les officiers servant dans les ports ou en mer, les autorités municipales et provinciales, les armateurs, les fournisseurs, les membres du clergé et les chambres de commerce.) 8 12 100219
France. Conseil de Marine. Série B4, Campagnes, 1666-1829 (La majeure partie de la série B4 est formée de journaux, relations et comptes rendus de navigation, de voyages, d'expéditions et de combats. On y trouve aussi des ordres du roi et des instructions du ministre aux officiers des vaisseaux, la correspondance de ces officiers expédiée au ministre, des projets d'armement, plans de campagnes, projets de conquête, rapports de naufrages, procédures de conseils de guerre, états de prises, états de dépenses, listes de vaisseaux, d'officiers, de prisonniers et divers autres documents. ) 6 9 100320
Geological Survey of Canada. Central Registry, 1842-1973 (consists of records from the central registry filing system of the Geological Survey of Canada. The series includes field notebooks, maps, correspondence, memoranda and reports, financial records, subject files, and material relating to the history of the GSC, its members, facilities and activities compiled by GSC staff.) 3 4 136901
Geological Survey of Canada. Nineteenth Century Notebooks, 1842-1900 (consists of field notebooks kept by surveyors in the employ of the Geological Survey of Canada while on field trips in various parts of Canada. The notebooks, numbering approximately 2500, date from 1842, the year of the Survey's foundation, to approximately 1900, although for some surveyors there are notebooks for the first two decades of the twentieth century. While they contain much technical information, some of these early notebooks will also prove of interest to historians and anthropologists for there are vivid descriptions of the native inhabitants, as well as of the terrain and animal life.) 127 190 136911
Great Britain. British Museum 1 1
Great Britain. Colonial Office. CO 188. New Brunswick. Original correspondence, 1784-1840 3 4 103928
Great Britain. Colonial Office. CO 226. Prince Edward Island. Original Correspondence, 1763-1873 (consists of correspondence, despatches and reports from Prince Edward Island.) 11 16 104266
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Q Series. CO42, 1760-1922 (derived principally from the old series formerly known as "Colonial Correspondence, Canada".) 76 114 179833
Great Britain. Court of Chancery. Chancery Patents, 1763-1867 (Commissions to governors, some of which are transcribed in full, while in other cases only such parts as indicate changes have been copied. Transcribed from the Patent Rolls.) 1 1 105449
Great Britain. Court of Chancery. Letters Patent, 1610-1869 (Charters, appointments and commissions to governors and officials, Transcribed from Patent Rolls. ) 1 1 105442
Great Britain. Public Records Office. Air Ministry (Extracts from the records in the Public Records Office relating to the history of the Royal Flying Corps used by the Directorate of History for the writing of the first volume of the official history of the RCAF. Includes records from the Air Historical Branch, 1862-1959, and correspondence, 1887-1950.) 2 2 102615
Great Britain. Public Records Office. Original Correspondence, Nova Scotia 25 37
Letter Books for Quebec and Lower Canada, 1788-1846 6 9
Lower Canada. Executive Council. State minute books, 1791-1841 (Minute books recording deliberations concerning state business) 6 9 204839
National Film Board of Canada. Board of Trustees. Minutes, 1939-1986 (consists of minutes of the meetings of the National Film Board Board of Trustees and its predecessor, the Board of Governors the years 1939-1986. These records provide information on the NFB decision process, and more specifically on the evolution of its thrusts, policies, programs and operations. They are individually accompanied by lengthy appendices, which include quarterly reports created by the various operational sections, action plans, statistical assessments, research reports provided by the different branches and budgets.) 16 24 197209
Nouvelle-France. Correspondance officielle, 1621-1778 (lettres, mémoires, lois et règlements des autorités métropolitaines et coloniales; des recensements; des requêtes; des récits de voyages et d'explorations; des prises de possession de territoires; des journaux de campagnes, relations de combats et articles de capitulation; des rapports de conférences avec les Indiens; des traités; des états de recettes et de dépenses; des états de munitions et de marchandises; des listes d'officiers et de vaisseaux; des commissions et brevets d'officiers et diverses autres pièces) 7 11 99820
Nova Scotia and Cape Breton – Commissions and instructions to governors 2 3
Nova Scotia Township books (Annapolis, Windsor, Wilmot township) 1 1
Province of Canada. Executive Council. Orders-in-Council, 1670-1874 (consists of orders-in-council, relating to both state and land matters) 47 70 205335
Province of Canada. Executive Council. ‘Put by’ Submissions to, 1841-1873 (consists of letters, petitions, reports and related documents submitted to the Executive Council but laid aside for further consideration or not decided upon, and separated from the submissions upon which a determination was made.) 7 10 X 205334
Province of Canada. Executive Council. State minute books, 1841-1867 (Minute books and appendices recording deliberations concerning state business; also includes Analytical Index) 14 21 205260
Quebec. Legislative Council, Journals, 1775-1791 (Series consists of the journals of the Legislative Council meeting in its legislative capacity. As such these records are distinct from those found in the State Minute Books of the Executive Council (1775-1791) of the Province of Quebec series, described elsewhere within this fonds, in that they document the legislative function of the Legislative Council, whereas the state minute books document the proceedings of the Legislative Council acting in its executive capacity. The journals document the deliberations and recommendations of the Legislative Council, the readings of ordinances, votes taken on legislation and the record of the Governor's approval of legislation. 6 9 204489
Quebec Gazette: Index, 1764-1847 (A name index to people who are mentioned in the Gazette) 25 37 X 126111
Upper Canada. Civil Secretary. Records relating to the Rebellions, 1837-1847 (The special files relating to the Rebellions of 1837-1838 consist of minutes of proceedings for the trials conducted by the magistrates, 1837-1838, and the proceedings of the militia courts martial, 1838-1839, for the London District; contemporary copies of the 1839 proceedings in the Court of Queens Bench in England resulting in the release of ten out of twenty three men from the Niagara District intended for transportation to Australia; records of the inquiry into the conduct of Colonel John Prince at the Battle of Windsor, 1839; proceedings of the courts martial at Fort Henry, Kingston, 1838-1839; and documents relating to the prosecution of Alexander McLeod for the destruction of the Caroline, 1841) 4 6 105220
Upper Canada. Executive Council. State minute books, 1792-1841 (minute books, commonly referred to as the "State Books", of the Executive Council which record that body's deliberations concerning state business during the period 1792-1841. Minutes of committees and sub-committees, such as the committees appointed to audit Provincial public accounts, were often incorporated, as reports, into the State Books. The minute books in this series each contain an alphabetic index of names and subjects.) 3 4
Upper Canada. Executive Council. State papers, 1783-1842 (Consists of submissions to the Executive Council on state business. Includes: correspondence, petitions, reports and other documents) 18 29 205134
Upper Canada. Heir and Devisee Commission, 1777-1854 (The Commission was established in 1797 to clarify the titles to lands in Upper Canada which had been granted before the provision was made, in 1795, for the issuance of patent deeds on Crown Grants. Records include minutes, reports and recommendations, notices of claims, a variety of supporting documents (bonds, certificates, location tickets, etc.) 24 36 205142
Upper Canada. Returns of Population and assessment, 1800-1862 (The returns of population and of assessment from the various districts of Upper Canada submitted to the Civil Secretary pursuant to the "Census" Acts and used in compiling the Blue Books of Statistics) 3 4 125534

Military & War Records

Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Board of Claims for War of 1812 Losses, 1813-1848 (records related to the work of the commission and boards of claims for War of 1812 Losses. These records include proceedings, letterbooks, vouchers for supplementary payments. The type of claims investigated included claims for damage done by his Majesty's troops, damage done by Indians, damage done by the enemy, and damage sustained in transporting troops, goods, etc.) 24 36 X 139215
Canada. Canadian Army. Central Registry, 1946 (consists of records relating mostly to the Canadian Army, its recruitment, training, facilities and operations and activities in Canada during the Second World War. NOTE: It is regrettable that the original files were destroyed by the department after filming because the quality of the microfilm reproduction is poor) 68 102 135830
Canada. Canadian Army. Courts Martial Documents, 1938-1945 (These files include correspondence, investigation reports and proceedings. Included in these records are courts for the Canadian Active Service Force, the Canadian Army in Canada and German Prisoners of War tried by Canadian Courts Martial) 325 487 X 140678
Canada. Canadian Army. Military police investigation reports of Army during the Second World War, 1939-1946 (documents police investigations of criminal activities that individual Canadian army service personnel were alleged to have committed between 1939 and 1946. Many types of crime are documented.) 52 78 X 163599
Canada. Dept. of Finance. Wartime Prices and Trade Board, 1939-1951 (the Board’s goal was "to provide safeguards under war conditions against the undue enhancement in the prices of food, fuel and other necessities of life, and to ensure an adequate supply and equitable distribution of such commodities.") 1 1 305
Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs. First Nations soldiers 17 25
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Accounts and Pay Branch. Nominal rolls and paylists for the Permanent Force, 1871-1915 (The forms generally indicate the names and ranks of those receiving pay, the rate of pay, and the period covered by the pay. Some forms are more detailed and describe washing, hospital, library, subscriptions, mess, and uniform expenses, as well as fines and other charges.) 150 225 X 194989
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Central Registry Documents, 1866-1950 (The records in this series relate to the complete range of defence activities from the late 19th century until the end of the Second World War) 583 874 135823
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Deputy Minister’s Office. Fenian Raids pension records, 1867-1915 (consists of unnumbered correspondence, affidavits and receipts for pensions for the widows and families of militiamen who were killed or died while on active service during the Fenian Raids. Register of pensioners, arranged alphabetically. Veterans' claims, 1912- 1915.) 6 9 X 194848
Canada. Dept. of Milita and Defence. Deputy Minister’s Office. Letterbooks, 1867-1903 (consists of letters sent by the Department over the deputy minister's signature, along with an index to the letters.) 28 42 194814
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Deputy Minister’s Office. Records relating to the Special Service Force sent to South Africa (1899-1902) (relates to pay and allowances and the payment of separation allowances to soldiers' families as well as paylists of returning personnel discharged at Quebec City. It also includes applications and offers of service, cables and correspondence relating to casualties, nominal rolls of men admitted to hospital in South Africa, correspondence relating to units, proceedings of boards to assess the value of horses offered to the Special Service Contingent, correspondence relating to gratuities, medals and medical services, nominal rolls of units, and reports and diaries.) 10 15 X 194847
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Deputy Minister’s Office. Reports and Memoranda, 1898-1907. Index (consists of an Index to reports prepared for submission by the Minister of Militia to the Privy Council, as well as memoranda from the Deputy Minister to the Adjutant General and other officers of the Department.) 13 21 194820
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Headquarters records. Registers and indexes for correspondence of the deputy minister and the adjutant general, 1868-1920 (Registers and indexes to correspondence created and/or maintained by the General Officer Commanding (GOC) the Canadian Militia and his predecessor, the Adjutant General. 138 207 133544
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Headquarters records. Registers and Lists of Officers, 1868-1922 (consists of registers and lists of officers created and/or maintained in the headquarters of the General Officer Commanding, the Canadian Militia and his predecessor, the Adjutant General; includes lists of military and civilian staff at Militia Headquarters, 1867- 1902; names and addresses of all officers in receipt of copies of Militia General Orders and of departmental annual reports, 1880-1888) 14 21 X 133524
Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence. Personnel Files, 1870-1938 (These files were maintained by M&D Headquarters to hold records on commissions, promotions, pay, injury or death, and any other information which would affect the status of the individual and, therefore, their relationship with the M&D.) 203 304 X 3726262
Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Canadian Military Headquarters, London, 1939-1947 (onsists of subject files of the Canadian Military Headquarters, London (CMHQ). The records relate to the central role played by CMHQ in putting Canadian forces into the field in the European theatre of operations. Nearly all aspects involved in the planning, transporting, training, equipping, medical treatment, reinforcing, administration and operations of the forces is documented in these records. Included in the series are such subjects as organization and administration, intelligence and censorship, public relations, communication and correspondence, committees, policy reports, technical equipment, pay services, discipline, reinforcements, casualties, historical matters, prisoners of war, war crimes, honours and awards, and operational plans and tactics.) 479 718 133092
Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of Internment Operations, 1939-1945 (consists of subject files created and retained in the office of the Director of Internment Operations which relate to the internment in Canada of German and Italian prisoners of war and of Canadian residents whose loyalty was suspect. In addition to policy files, there are inspection reports and returns as well as files relating to welfare matters, complaints and intelligence. The finding aid is a list of files. The series also contains pay documents, medical documents and an alphabetic index of prisoners of war and internees.) 35 52 X 133671
Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Examination Unit, 1939-1946 (consists of documents related to the administration and operations of the Examination Unit (EU) and the Joint Discrimination Unit (JDU), the organizations responsible for anaylzing and deciphering enemy signals during the Second World War.; deals with various aspects of the work of these units and their cooperation and liaison with signals intelligence (SIGINT) units in the Canadian Armed Forces and their American and British counterparts. In addition, there is a formerly classified official history of the Examination Unit, written by staff members; includes decrypts of intercepted diplomatic signals originating with the diplomatic service of the Free French and decrypts of intercepted Vichy French diplomatic traffic.) 5 7 134683 (Eng)
143822 (Fre)
Canada. Dept. of the Secretary of State. Chief Press Censor, 1915-1920 (consists of subject files arranged in numerical sequence that relate the enforcement of censorship restrictions in Canada. The files also contain information on subversive elements in the country, public opinion and war propaganda.) 109 163 196968 (Eng)
200230 (Fre)
Canada. Ministry of the Overseas Military Forces of Canada. Courts Martial Records (consists of courts martial records compiled during or after the First World War. When a serviceman was charged with a minor offence, it would be dealt with summarily by his commanding officer. If a charge was more serious, or if the individual charged demanded it, the case was dealt with by a military court, known as a court martial. Common charges included offenses by sentries (ie. absence from his post, sleeping), drunkenness and insubordination, disobedience, desertion, absence without leave, looting, and self-inflicted wounding.) 46 69 X 136599
Canada. Privy Council. Cabinet War Committee, 1938-1945 (consists of the minutes of the Defence Committee of Cabinet, 1938-1939, memoranda of meetings of the Emergency Council, September to November 1939; and the minutes and supporting documents of the Cabinet War Committee from December 1939 to May 1945.) 7 10 133181
Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Aircraft Accident Investigation Files from the second RCAF File Classification System, 1937-1952 (consists of aircraft accident investigation files arranged according to the second RCAF files classification system.) 20 30 4090293
Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Courts Martial, 1939-1945 (The files include charge sheets, correspondence, investigative material, proceedings and evidence.) 44 66 X 3951202
Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Headquarters. Central registries, 1920-1972 (this central registry covered all operational, support and administrative activities carried out by the air force and of concern to RCAF Headquarters. Records cover all manner of subjects related to early aviation, including northern exploration, specific aircraft or aircraft type.) 58 87 135960
Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Military Police Investigation Reports of Air Force during the Second World War, 1939-1946 (documents police investigations of criminal activities that individual Canadian service personnel were alleged to have committed between 1939 and 1946. Many types of crime are documented.) 8 12 X 3662463
Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force. Personnel Files, 1918-1939 (consist of personnel files of members of the Royal Canadian Air Force for the period between the First and Second World Wars.) 9 13 X 3922254
Canada. Royal Commission to Inquire into the Disorders at Halifax, Nova Scotia … During a Celebration of the Declaration of Victory over Germany on the 7th and 8th May, 1945 (consists of transcripts of hearings and exhibits.) 3 5 142 (Eng)
558 (Fre)
Canadian Volunteer Militia. Nominal rolls and paylists, 1855-1914 (Under the Militia and Defence Act, 1868, members of the Volunteer Militia were required to drill both regularly during the year and on an annual call out. Each member of the Volunteer Militia was compensated for the time they spent on drill, and in order to document that each member was paid a paylist was produced; indicates the names and ranks of those receiving pay, the number of days of drill, rate of pay, the total amount paid each member, any pay received for the use of a horse by the company) 160 240 X 194987
Clark, Duncan, fl. 1812-1851, papers (Duncan Clark, soldier and fur trader, was a clerk with the Hudson's Bay and North West Companies, 1818-1824. He served during the War of 1812 and later was active in the militia; consists of correspondence and militia records of Clark) 1 1 100499
Correspondance générale, 1637-1784 Série A1 (Cette série des Archives historiques du Service historique de l'Armée est la plus importante pour l'histoire du Canada français. Elle aborde les thèmes suivants: expéditions et lettres reçues; minutes; administration militaire; intérieur; dépêches transcrites; transcriptions diverses; diplomatie; guerre de Hollande; guerre d'Espagne; marine; Flandres; guerre d'Italie; dedans du Royaume; affaires et pays divers; Canada et Ile Royale et autres sujets.) 1 1 113037
France. Archives des colonies. Série D1 and Série D2C. Correspondance relative aux troupes des colonies, 1627-1809 (La série D1 renferme des décisions et rapports des autorités métropolitaines concernant surtout les nominations, promotions, pensions, solde et congés. Ces pièces renseignent sur la carrière des officiers postérieure à leur service au Canada, à l'Ile Royale ou en Louisiane. Elles concernent parfois des membres de leur famille; série D2C contient des documents collectifs concernant le personnel ayant servi aux colonies aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles. La majeure partie des pièces concerne les militaires, mais on trouve aussi de nombreux documents relatifs aux officiers civils et au clergé colonial. Les documents comprennent des matricules d'officiers civils et militaires, des contrôles nominatifs et des revues de corps de troupes, des enregistrements de provisions, brevets, commissions, ordres de service, ordonnances, instructions, décisions. Figurent aussi en grand nombre des états de services d'officiers, des états de situation des corps, de mutations, de pertes, de désertions, des listes de passagers militaires, de propositions d'avancement ou de décorations, des rapports d'inspection, etc ) 5 7 X 100144
France. Conseil de Marine. Série C1, Officiers militaires, 1400-1786 (La série C1 est consacrée aux officiers militaires, c'est-à-dire aux officiers appartenant aux corps de commandement. Elle regroupe des lettres écrites par le Ministre ou reçues des ports, mais contient surtout des listes générales, tables alphabétiques et copies d'états de revue des officiers militaires de la Marine, résumant leurs états de service. Celles-ci furent dressées entre 1740 et 1754 par François-Maurice Lafillard, premier commis du bureau des archives de la Marine.) 4 6 X 100321
Great Britain. Admiralty. Captains’ logs, 1745-1818 (ADM 51) (consists of log books kept by ships' captains. The log books are arranged by the name of the vessel. Captains' Logs generally contain entries under the following headings: date, winds, course, distance, latitude, longitude, bearings and distance at noon, remarks and observations. Included in the National Archives of Canada copies are log books of ships at Louisbourg in 1745 and 1758; Quebec, 1759-1760 and 1813; Halifax, 1756-1758 and 1813; as well as logs of service on Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes, 1814-1818.) 19 28 105229
Great Britain. Admiralty and Secretariat. Papers, 1713-1839 (consists of despatches to the Admiralty from admirals attached to squadrons or stationed in North American waters.) 6 9 125137
Great Britain. Public Records Office. Air Ministry (Extracts from the records in the Public Records Office relating to the history of the Royal Flying Corps used by the Directorate of History for the writing of the first volume of the official history of the RCAF. Includes records from the Air Historical Branch, 1862-1959, and correspondence, 1887-1950.) 2 2 102615
Great Britain. Public Records Office. War Office, papers, 1862-1885 (known as WO 33. Reports and Miscellaneous Papers) (Printed reports and memoranda on a wide range of important military questions. The papers were originally subjected to a security classification and were specially printed and given a limited circulation. Papers relate to the defences of British North America, 1862 and 1865, and to the Nile Expedition, 1883-1885) 1 1 105017
Hutton, Sir Edward Thomas, 1848-1923, papers ( Lieutenant-General; papers relate almost entirely to his efforts to promote, recruit and equip a Canadian contingent for the South African War) 2 3 105519
Lower Canada. Adjutant-General’s Office. Registers of officers, 1808-46 (consists of registers containing lists of officers of the militia of Lower Canada. The series includes lists of officers arranged by battalion, lists of officers arranged by rank and seniority, and lists of dismissed officers. ) 4 6 X 133522 (Eng)
185977 (Fre)
Lower Canada and Canada East: Rebellion Records 1 1
Military service files - Royal Newfoundland Regiment and bandsmen and the Newfoundland Forestry Corps (The records were created and maintained by the Newfoundland Department of the Militia in St. John's. Typically the files consist of attestation papers, medical examination forms, conduct sheets, movement cards, pay documents, medical forms, casualty related forms and correspondence to and from the Department of Militia. Some files contain photographs.) 320 480 X 180986
Military service files - Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Forestry Corps personnel. 2 3 X 798040
New Brunswick Fencibles, 1812-1830 (Estimates, memoranda, petitions, returns, and correspondence. 106 documents. Index of names.) 1 1 X 2811296 ?
Northcliffe Collection (consists of rare printed material regarding the careers of some of the individuals involved in the Seven Years' War.) 1 1 X 106021
Province of Canada. Dept. of Militia. Registers of officers, 1846-69 (The registers generally include the rank and name of officers, the dates of commissions and retreats and the date and person to whom the commission was delivered.) 1 1 X 184991 (Eng)
190122 (Fre)
Province of Canada. Dept. of Militia. Registers of officers, 1846-69 (consists of registers of officers of the Sedentary and Non-Service Militia, Canada East.)
2 3 X 184805 (Eng)
189989 (Fre)
Royal Canadian Air Force headquarters central registries, 1940-1972 (this central registry covered all operational, support and administrative activities carried out by the air force and of concern to RCAF Headquarters) 58 87 135960
Royal Canadian Air Force operations record books, 1936-1965 (outline the activities, flying operations and other events related to Canadian squadron, groups, training schools, stations and other units of the pre-integration air force. Each unit was required to fill out a daily entry which would be approved by the officer commanding as documenting the activities of the unit. Appendices to the ORB are often included which provide further details on the operations and often provide some documentary evidence of the social life of the unit.) 289 434 135766
Upper Canada. Adjutant-General’s Office, Militia General Orders, 1809-1852 (consists of bound copies of handwritten and printed orders, originating from the Adjutant General's Office and announcing changes in militia organization as well as officers' appointments, promotions and retirements.) 1 1 183682
Upper Canada. Adjutant-General’s Office. Registers of officers, 1824-47 (consists of registers containing lists of officers commanding units of the Upper Canada Militia. The Adjutant General, in his role as intermediary between the Governor and the militia officers, was responsible for ensuring that these lists were produced regularly.) 2 3 X 133520

Papers of Prominent Canadians

Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Alexander, Frederick John, 1849-1930, papers (Architect and public servant; consists of diaries, 1868; miscellaneous documents, n.d., 1869-1908; and specifications for buildings and articles of agreement, 1875, 1880-1901) 5 7 103879
Alexander, Henry “The Younger”, died 1814, journals (early Canadian fur trader, explorer and diarist; From 1799 until his premature death in 1814 he kept an extensive diary which is the most complete record ever printed of the daily life of a fur trader in the north. These journals cover everything that happened to him in a most matter-of-fact manner and have yielded much material for historians; consists of journals kept by Alexander Henry recording his travels westward from Lower Canada to the Pacific between 1799 and 1814, with gaps between 1806 and 1808, 1811 and 1813. A large number of statistical tables, vocabularies in native languages and tables of meteorological observations are scattered through the volumes. These journals were published in 1988 by the Champlain Society.) 1 1 101084
Anglican Missions of Rupert’s Land, Fonds, 1821-23, 1835, 1838, 1864 (Three excerpts from the parish registers of St. John's Anglican Cathedral, Winnipeg, kept by Rev. John West, Chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company, photocopy, 1821-1823, 3 pages; three items relating to Peguis (alias William King), the Saulteaux Indian chief, photocopy, 1835, 1838, 1864, 3 pages.) 1 0 X 104255
Bagot, Sir Charles,1781-1843, papers (Governor General of the Province of Canada, 1841-1843. It was under Bagot's administration that the principle of responsible government in Canada was given its first practical application.) 1 1 124666
Ballantyne, Alexander John, logbook, 1860-1865 (Ballantyne was a midshipman aboard HM ships Victory, Landrail, Nile, Shannon, Rinaldo and Sphinx in the West Indies, North and South America. He kept a logbook while at sea, illustrated with drawings of ships, charts executed in pen and ink, watercolours) 1 1 105341
Bank of Vancouver, Liquidation (The Bank of Vancouver was a short-lived chartered bank that was established on July 30, 1910 and went out of business on December 14, 1914) 1 1 1791539
Barnett, John Davis, 1849-1926, material collected by (Civil engineer, railroad superintendent, one of the greatest book collectors of his time; contains pamphlets and trade catalogues, [ca. 1770-1912 ] that he collected.) 11 16 98133
Beauharnois Family, papers, ca 1663-1749 (Letters, memoirs) 1 1 98710
Bell, William Moodie, 1777-1837, papers (consists of correspondence, 1772, 1800-1836, and letterbook, 1804-1838. Subjects discussed include: Bell's work as master builder at the Amherstbourg and Kingston naval dockyards; efforts to obtain a pension and compensation for his war losses; purchases and management of lands in Upper and Lower Canada; a sketch and specifications for vessels to be built by Bell; accounts; legal disputes with his brother John Bell (1779-1841); orders for clothes and farm equipment from Scotland; the education of his son John in Scotland) 1 1 102318
Bennett, Richard Bedford, 1870-1947, Acquisitions supplémentaires (Premier ministre du Canada, 1930-35; La série consiste de plusieurs documents ajoutés au fonds Bennett. On y trouve une lettre au sujet d'une proposition qui invite des réfugiés juifs à s'installer au Nouveau-Brunswick en 1939. On trouve aussi de la correspondance et des télégrammes échangés avec Evelyn MacMillan, 1940-1946. Quelques lettres decrivent les conditions de guerre en Angleterre, et les conditions économiques. Il y a aussi un dossier de documents de conscription 1916, provenant du National Service Board of Canada. Bennett en était le directeur.) 6 9 130754
Berczy, William, 1744-1813, papers (early settler of Markham Township, Upper Canada; painter; consists of the papers of William Berczy, chiefly relating to the German Company and the Markham Settlement, 1792-1812; and some material concerned with education, 1828-1831. Included are draft narratives relating to the formation of the company in the Genesee District and to progress made toward settlement; lists of settlers, pages 16-17, 65-72, 126-130 and 455-456 and contracts and agreements with settlers, 1799-1804.) 1 1 101029
Borden, Sir Robert, 1854-1937, papers (Prime Minister of Canada, 1911-1920; chiefly documents the record of his premiership, 1911-1920) 212 318 102180
Bourassa, Napoléon, 1827-1916, papers (Prominent Canadian architect, painter and writer) 1 1 99131
Breton, Aimé, 1907-1973, papers (Prospector and businessman; He staked the Kristina Copper Mines, Tribag Copper Mines, and discovered and staked the uranium mines in Blind River. He never realized any financial gain from his uranium discovery due to legal complications and, it is alleged, the machinations of two associates who cheated him out of his rightful recognition; consists of correspondence relating to his mining discoveries & his attempts to gain financial renumeration.) 1 1 98140
Brown, George, 1818-1880, papers (Journalist, politician and a Father of Confederation ; consists of correspondence, commissions, addresses, draft speeches and articles, poll books, and accounts, 1837-1840) 5 7 104699
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, papers, 1924-1972 (consists of administrative files maintained by George Dudley, n.d., ca. 1924, 1936, 1947-1960, 80 cm; the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association/Association Canadienne de Hockey Amateur registry which documents all aspects of the association's activities, 1960-1972,) 5 7 100356
Canadian Council of Churches, papers (Records of The Canadian Council of Churches and its predecessors. Included are minutes, correspondence, subject files, financial papers, publications, etc.) 4 6 25730
Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA) (consists of the executive and administrative records of the CHEA including annual convention materials, minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, membership files, Constitution and By-Laws; records relating to the International Development Program; World Congress of the IFHE material and CHEA Special Initiatives files; and printed materials.) 1 1 106910
Canadian Labour Congress (papers and records) 368 552
Canadian Teachers Federation (subject index to the Canadian Teachers' Federation papers for the years 1920 to 1960 prepared by the C.T.F. staff) 1 1 100192
Canadian Tuberculosis Association (known today as the Canadian Lung Association) 14 21 105296
Canadian Women’s Press Club 1 1
Carr, Emily, 1871-1945, papers (Painter and writer; includes correspondence with Ira Dilworth and Lawren Harris, financial records, journals, manuscripts of books and stories, addresses, notebooks, notes, manuscripts by others, other material, and National Gallery material.) 4 6 105394
Chaboillez, Charles, 1736-1808, papers (French-Canadian fur trader) 1 1
Chamberlin, Brown, 1827-1897, papers (Quebec lawyer, publisher & MP) 3 4
Charles E. Goad Company, papers, 1875-1917 (consists of material relating to the operations of the Charles E. Goad Company and includes an indexed circular book, a day book listing the transactions of the Charles E. Goad Company and letter books concerning company costs and other matters of business. Fonds also consists of atlases of fire insurance plans of approximately 1194 cities and villages all across Canada.) 2 3 103428
Chartier de Lotbinière, Famille, 1636-1802 (Ce fonds contient des commissions, nominations, lettres patentes, correspondance du roi, du gouverneur, de l'intendant et autres personnages concernant la famille Chartier de Lotbinière, plus particulièrement Louis-Théandre Chartier de Lotbinière (vers 1612-après 1680), René-Louis Chartier de Lotbinière (1641-1709), Eustache Chartier de Lotbinière (1688-1749) et Michel Chartier de Lotbinière (1723-1798)) 1 1 105704
Chaussegros de Léry, Gaspard-Joseph, 1682-1756, papers (military engineer; Member of Legislative Council and Executive Council of Quebec; Le fonds compose d'un "Traité de fortification divisé en huit livres où sont montrées les Métodes de quelques Ingenieurs qui ont ecrit de la Fortification; et plusieurs nouvelles manieres de Fortifier, et disposer les ouvrages de dehors retranchements des armées, attaques et deffences des Places", 1714 (500 pages). Ce traité n'a jamais été publié.) 1 1 99907
Cheadle, Walter Butler, 1835-1910, papers (British physician who travelled across Canada with his friend William Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton, 1862-1864. Following their return to England, they jointly published the "North West Passage by Land" (London, [1865]), basing the work on Cheadle's journals. The journals were later published under the title "Cheadle's Journal of a Trip Across Canada", 1862- 1863, edited by A.G. Doughty and G. Lanctôt (1931) 1 1 139634
Chevrier, Lionel, 1903-1987, papers (Member of Parliament, 1935-1964; Minister of Transport, 1945-1954; Chairman of the Board of the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1954-57; President of the Privy Council, 1957; Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 1963-4; comprend des documents se rapportant à la carrière politique de Lionel Chevrier (1935-1954, 1957-1964), à sa fonction de président de l'administration de la voie maritime du Saint-Laurent (1954-1957), à sa carrière de diplomate (1964-1968) et à ses activités postérieures (1968-1985). 1 1 99082
Chipman, Ward, Senior, 1754-1824, papers (New Brunswick lawyer, Supreme Court judge, 1808-23 & Administrator of New Brunswick from 1823-1824), and Chipman, Ward, Junior, 1787-1851, papers (New Brunswick lawyer, judge & MP) (consists of papers of the Chipmans, including business records, missionary records, and papers relating to the Loyalists and to the Boundary Commissions, 1751-1844. This series is known as the "Lawrence Collection".) 9 13 105481
Christie, Loring Cheney, 1885-1941, papers (lawyer and diplomat; Prime Minister Borden’s chief expert on international problems and his confidential assistant during WW1; consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, articles relating primarily to Canadian foreign policy during World War I, the negotiations of the various peace treaties, the foundation of the League of Nations, the Locarno Treaty, Canadian Arctic Sovereignty, and boundary waters agreements between Canada and the United States.) 19 30 102780
Church Missionary Society, Finding Aid no. 23 (Finding aid for selections relating to the North-West America (Rupert's Land) and North Pacific (British Columbia) missions of the Church Missionary Society in British North America made from the records of the Church Missionary Society. They consist of several series of incoming and outgoing correspondence and papers, 1821-1930; précis books of annotated agenda papers, 1881-1930; and miscellaneous letters and papers, 1845-1950.) 1 1 104956
Clarke, William Hillary, 1933- (Member of Parliament ; consists of date books, 1976-1984; subject files relating to Mr. Clarke's parliamentary career from 1974 to 1984, including correspondence, committee files and reference material, 1970-1984; and a card index to the subject files, 1974-1984) 2 3 104456
Claus, Daniel, 1727-1787 and family, papers (brings together a wide range of textual and graphic records created or accumulated by Christian Daniel Claus, his son William Claus, and other members of the family between 1755 and 1886, through both their private and their public activities. Official and personal correspondence, diaries and notebooks, and estate records form the bulk of the fonds (volumes 1-28). The official correspondence and associated documents illustrate the work of Christian Daniel Claus and William Claus as subordinates of Sir William Johnson and his successors in the office of Superintendent General of Indian Affairs in the Northern District of North America. The personal correspondence, diaries, estate records and genealogical notes illustrate their private lives and family activities.) 8 12 X 103767
Collection Joseph Cardin (compose de documents sur la station de radio CJSO de Sorel et sur les salles de cinéma Eden et Gaieté de Sorel. Ils témoignent du fonctionnement de la station radiophonique CJSO de Sorel, Québec, soit les opérations techniques, la maintenance des appareils, la programmation, la gestion des ressources administratives, des ressources financières et du personnel. On y retrouve, entre autres, de la correspondance d'affaires et d'auditeurs; des textes d'émissions et de bulletins de nouvelles; des procès-verbaux, des états financiers, des rapports de cachets des artistes, des licences et permis d'opération, des inventaires de matériel; de la documentation sur les appareils techniques. En tant qu'ingénieur en chef de la station, Joseph Cardin est à l'origine de la création de certains documents dont des dessins et devis techniques, des rapports de lectures à l'émetteur et autres documents liés au fonctionnement technique de CJSO. Une neuvième série de documents textuels témoigne des débuts des activités des salles de cinéma Eden et Gaieté de Sorel au cours des années 1930. Des films de documentaires, de fictions et d'annonces théâtrales de la période 1900 à 1940 sont également inclus dans cette série.) 22 33 98976
Communist Party of Canada, papers, 1905-1982 (consists of National Office files; Convention and Central Committee files; Provincial files; Subject files; Trade union-labour files; Young Communist League; Printed material; Scrapbooks; Posters) 35 52 104464
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), national conventions (onsists of correspondence, memoranda, resolutions, reports, speeches and clippings pertaining to federal conventions and a number of interprovincial conferences.) 27 40 127579
Cowan, William, 1818-1902, papers (surgeon in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company ; fur trader. During his years at Red River he made several long journeys; consists of diaries kept while serving as surgeon and fur trader at Fort Garry, Moose Factory, York Factory and the environs.) 1 1 101015
Davies, Blodwen, 1897-1966, papers (journalist; author; consists of correspondence from relatives, friends and acquaintances of Tom Thomson to Blodwen Davies containing biographical information concerning Thomson and relating to Davies' writing about him; manuscripts, including notes by Arthur Lismer and Blodwen Davies and typescript. Tom Thomson's Sketch Book by Davies and typescript by S.E. Read; clippings; and miscellaneous material relating to Thomson. 1 1 103538
Dawson, George Mercer., 1849-1901, Field Notebooks (geologist ; Director, Geological Survey of Canada, 1895-1901; consists of the geological field notebooks kept by Dawson while on field trips in various parts of Canada. They cover the years 1875 to 1900, and are approximately 110 in number. Included among the notebooks are those prepared by geologists who were assistants to Dawson on the various field trips.) 10 15 136921
DesBarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet, 1721-1824, papers (Surveyor; Lieutenant-Governor of Cape Breton, 1784-1787; Lieutenant-Governor of PEI, 1804-1812) 7 10
Dewdney, Edgar, 1835-1916, papers (Indian Commissioner for Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, 1879-1888; Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories, 1881-88; Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, 1892-97; minister of the Interior and superintendent general of Indian Affairs, 1888-1892, consists chiefly of correspondence concerning the North West Rebellion: Louis Riel's correspondence, 1884-1885; correspondence with political and military persons regarding the North West; files relating to the Dept. of the Interior, and Indian Affairs, subject files containing material on Banff Park development, geological surveys, and personal correspondence with C.P. Cowell regarding mining claims, 1877-1899. 2 3 104386
Dickson, Horatio Henry Lovat, 1902-1987, papers (Director of Macmillan Pub. Co (UK), 1941-64; Biographer of Grey Owl, H.G. Wells; papers are his own personal papers as well as his research papers and files on MacMillan Pub. ) 7 10 104825
Doutsov, Dmytro, 1883-1973 (writer, publisher and political thinker whose radical ideas were a major influence on the organization of Ukrainian Nationalists; eventually emigrated to Canada; 11 16
Dow, William, 1800-1868, and family, papers (Partner in Thomas Dunn’s brewery in Montreal, which eventually became known as William Dow and Company) 1 1
Durham, John George Lambton, Earl of, 1792-1840, papers (Governor-in-Chief for British North America, 1838; consists of correspondence of Lord Durham, 1836 to 1839, regarding, for the most part, the political situation in the Canadas and his handling of that situation. Also included is Lady Durham's journal which records Durham's last six months, 1840, and her correspondence with Mary Grey, 1838-1840) 12 18 105599
Egmont Bay Road Seed Club, papers, 1868-1955 (Grain bank on Prince Edward Island; consists of minutes and grain distribution records, 1869-1947; research notes and memoranda on Acadian grain banking, by Dr. Croteau) 1 1 99339
Ellice, Edward, and family, Correspondence, 1770-1934 (consists of selected material relating to the North American interests of the Hon. Edward Ellice Sr. and papers of his father, Alexander Ellice, and son, Edward Ellice Jr. Also including two letterbooks for the period of 1817-1832) 12 18 124819
Ermatinger family papers, 1758-1966 (the papers of Lawrence Ermatinger, including papers of Forrest Oakes, 1765-1780; business and personal papers of Edward Ermatinger, 1818-1874; the Jacobs-Ermatinger estate papers, relating primarily to the economic history of Lower Canada, 1758-1862; and miscellaneous papers, including genealogical notes, family correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1766-1966.) 4 6 X
Field, Martha (Cookbook containing recipes, both ordinary and exotic, as well as incidental comments on the merits of some of the recipes. Compiled by Martha Field) 1 1 105378
Finlayson, Roderick K., 1886-1969 ( Private Secretary to Prime Minister Bennett; consists of "Life with R.B.: That Man Bennett", the personal memoirs of R.K. Finlayson, recounting his association with Prime Minister R.B. Bennett) 1 1 102041
Foster, George Eulas, Sir, 1847-1931, Diaries (Professor at University of New Brunswick; Member of Parliament; Senator; Minister of Marine and Fisheries, 1885-1888, the Minister of Finance, 1888-1896, and the Minister of Trade and Commerce, 1911-1921. His activities in Canada's trade relations and foreign policy included representation on the Dominions' Royal Commission, 1912-1918, the Allied Economic Conference, 1916, and the Canadian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919; In 1920-1921; chairman of the Canadian delegation to the League of Nations and was elected vice-president of the First Assembly; Knighted in 1912.) 1 1 124796
Fournier, Alphonse, 1893-1961 (Member of Parliament, 1930-1953; Minister of Public Works, 1942-1953; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, 1948-1953) 1 1 99057
Francois de Gaston, Chevalier de Levis, 1719-1787, papers (Second in command to Montcalm in defending New France during the Seven Years’ War) 1 1 99913
Galt, John, 1779-1939, papers (Author; colonizer; involved with what would become the Canada Company; Series consists of correspondence relating to the payment of Canadian claims for losses during the war of 1812-1814; accounts and memoranda, 1839-1841; Galt's commission as Commissioner of the Canada Company, 1826) 2 3 108954
Gibbons, George Sutton, 1882-1919 (Lawyer; Liberal Party Organizer for Western Ont.; consists of papers which concern primarily the federal election campaign of 1917 including correspondence, 1915-1918, 1 1 103210
Glyn, Mills and Company (bank) (correspondence, register of debentures, receiver general's office 1860-62) 4 6 99386
Goring, Frances, 1755-1842, papers. (teacher, farmer, trader, businessman and office holder in Lincoln County, Ontario) 1 1 105975
Gorman, Thomas Patrick, 1886-1961 (sports promoter, businessman, athlete; one of the founders of the National Hockey League; In 1950 he organized and promoted a national tour by figure skater Barbara Ann Scott; consists of a scrapbook on Barbara Ann Scott) 1 1 3678746
Gouin, Jean Lomer, Sir,1861-1929, papers (Politician: Premier of Quebec ; federal cabinet minister, 1921-24; compose de correspondance, de notes, de discours et des mémoires de L. Gouin, dont quelques pages datent de 1918 et trois volumes de 1926-1929. On retrouve aussi dans le fonds des documents concernant des dossiers légaux et les affaires juridiques des compagnies suivantes: la Atlantic, Quebec and Western Railway, la Dominion Light, Heat and Power Company et la Canadian Northern Railway Company) 37 55 99041
Grandbois, Alain, 1900-1975, papers (Il est considéré comme le premier grand poète moderne du Québec; constitué des manuscrits d'ouvrages pour les livres intitulés "Né à Québec" et "Voyages de Marco Polo", une page de coupures de presse et des causeries radiophoniques présentées au réseau de Radio-Canada qui décrivent certains voyages de l'auteur.) 2 3 98972
Grant, Francis Augustus, 1829-1854, papers (military officer, artist; aide-de-camp to his uncle, James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, the Governor General of the Province of Canada; consists of 85 letters, which had been bound together, and written by F.A. Grant to various members of his family in Scotland while he served as an aide-de-camp to the Governor General in Canada and as a military officer with the 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders) in Canada, Great Britain, and the Crimea. Topics included in the correspondence are: military drills, camps and leisure pursuits such as hunting, fancy dress balls and horse racing. Modes of transportation and weather conditions, which contrast sharply with those in Scotland, are described. Grant's activities as an aide-de-camp including a tour of the Great Lakes, the Rebellion Losses Act, and the resulting Montreal riots are also described.) 1 1 100861
Grant, George Monro, 1835-1902, papers (Church Minister, writer and political activist; Principal of Queen’s University, 1877-1902; consists of correspondence relating chiefly to the finances of Grant's church in Halifax, and the preparation of a biography of Principal Grant by his son W.L. Grant, 1855-1904; diaries chiefly of trips to Europe, Nova Scotia, etc., 1860-1902; memoranda and reports on Queen's University, the Presbyterian church, Imperial relations, Canadian history and politics, prohibition and women's rights; notes on classroom lectures and speeches) 4 6 98180
Grey, Earl, 1851-1917, papers (Governor General, 1904-1911; consists of original correspondence with Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Robert Borden, miscellaneous correspondence, correspondence regarding Canadian-American relations, correspondence with colonial secretaries, the Royal Family, correspondence regarding the North West, and Newfoundland, 1904-1911) 7 10 105479
Hamilton-Gordon, Ishbel Maria, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, 1857-1939, papers (known as Lady Aberdeen’s Journals) (daily accounts written by Lady Aberdeen describing the activities of the Governor General and his family, political events, people met and places visited. Lady Aberdeen was an interested and well-informed observer of political affairs who frequently attended the House of Commons debates and had friends in both political parties. These accounts were apparently sent in instalments to relatives in Scotland and were later assembled and bound. Published as the Canadian Journals of Lady Aberdeen 1893-1898, Toronto, The Champlain Society, 1960) 4 6 124589
Hanson, Richard Burpee, 1879-1948, papers (interim leader of the Conservative Party from May 14, 1940 until November 11, 1941; consists of correspondence including political and general, 1920-1947; and subject files including series as Leader of the Opposition, and as Member of Parliament, 1929-1945.) 59 88 103053
Hargrave, Joseph James, 1841-1894, Family papers (HBC trader, author, journalist; consists of correspondence of James Hargrave, 1821-1861, and his son Joseph James Hargrave, 1867-1886, letterbooks of James Hargrave, 1826-1858. The series also contains letters of Letitia Hargrave, 1826-1858; miscellaneous correspondence and papers, 1819-1897, including members of the Mactavish family, Sir George Simpson, and Roderick McKenzie,) 12 18 126104
Harvey, Sir John, 1778-1852 papers (Colonial governor; Deputy Adjutant General of the Forces during War of 1812; Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick; Governor of Newfoundland, 1841-1846; Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, 1846-1852) 2 3 101000
Heaps, Abraham, 1885-1954, fonds (Manufacturer’s agent; one of the leaders of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike for which he was jailed and later acquitted of sedition charges; one of the founders of the C.C.F.; M.P., 1925-1940; consists of personal and political correspondence on various subjects, including social activities, trade unions, duty on oranges from Palestine; Heaps's role in politics and his re-upholstering Sir Wilfrid Laurier's PMO chair; notes on the Winnipeg General strike and sedition charges against him; anti-Jewish newspapers, commnunity and left wing newspapers (some full editions), 1913-1939, and clippings on the Winnipeg general strike and resulting legal action, 1919-1920.) 1 1 103304
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics. Reports for the years 1965 to 1981 (It is the leading Canadian centre for astronomy and astrophysics 4 6 134925
Home Bank of Canada papers (incorporated 1903, Toronto ; failed August 18, 1923; the subject of a Canadian Royal Commission[initiated by PM Mackenzie King in 1924; consists of records concerning the operation, administration and interests of the Home Bank of Canada; and the subsequent failure, liquidation, claims, court records, assets and liabilities, depositor relief efforts through the Depositors Relief Association, and I.E. Weldon, solicitor responsible for closure, 1879-1937.) 12 18 X 105664
Howe, Joseph, 1804-1873, papers (journalist, politician, public servant; Nova Scotia legend; premier of N.S., 1860-63 ; consists of correspondence, minutes, memoranda, addresses, speeches, commissions, notes and accounts; diaries, memoranda and notebooks of Joseph Howe) 20 30 99771
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (Constitution, structure and history) 1 1 99340
International Council of Women, papers, 1893-1961 (consists of material relating to Canada) 1 1 100479
Jacobs, Samuel William, 1871-1938, papers (Lawyer; MP, 1917-1938) 6 9 103221
Japanese American Citizens League, Correspondence with Japanese Canadian Citizens Assoc., 1947-1960 1 1 114218
Jenness, Diamond, 1886-1969, diaries (one of Canada’s greatest early scientists; pioneer of Canadian anthropology; consists of 1913-16 diaries while Jenness was a member of the Canadian Arctic Expedition)) 2 3 98974
Jesuit Estates: Selected documents relating to the 2 3
Johnson, George, 1837-1911, papers (Journalist, statistician ; papers relate mainly to two projected works, a biography of Joseph Howe and a reference work on place names.) 1 1 105597
Kaye, Vladimir J., 1896-1976 (public servant, author, professor ; consists of twenty-two series which document Dr. Kaye's personal and family life, as well as his career in the Canadian public service, with the Ukrainian Bureau in London, England, as a journalist, and with the University of Ottawa.) 1 1 106958
Kierans, Eric W., 1914-2004 (Member of Parliament, Professor at McGill and Dalhousie, President of Montreal Stock Exchange and the Canadian Stock Exchange, 1960-63; Minister of Revenue, 1963-65; Minister of Health, 1965-66; Postmaster General, 1968 ; consists of general correspondence; appointment book; speeches; subject files; reference material; press clippings.) 3 4 103907
Lamothe, Gustave, 1856-1922, papers (lawyer, judge and politician; consists of papers relating to his professional and personal life ) 1 1 99016
Lampman, Archibald, 1861-1899, papers (one of the finest of Canada’s late 19th-century poets; consists of manuscripts of poems, essays and stories by Archibald Lampman; and Duncan Campbell Scott manuscript of his poem, "After Battle".(consists of manuscripts of poems, essays and stories by Archibald Lampman; and Duncan Campbell Scott manuscript of his poem, "After Battle".) 2 3 108471
Lande, Lawrence Montague, 1906-1998 (Writer, composer and one of the greatest private collectors of Canadian books and manuscripts. consists of approximately 942 units or collections including diaries, journals, correspondence, certificates, reports, business accounts, literary manuscripts, prints, watercolours, photographs, drawings and maps. These document such subjects as exploration and navigation, settlement, the Church and administration of New France, military conflicts between English and French, the fur trade, relations with the Indians and Inuit, constitutional development in post-Conquest Quebec, pre-Confederation colonial administration, nineteenth century politics, the Hudson's Bay Company and other business and financial ventures and the literary and artistic achievements of early Canadians) 27 40 105482
Lansdowne, William Petty, Marquis of, 1737-1805 (He served as President of the Board of Trade and Plantations in 1763, and Secretary of State for the Southern Department from 1766 to 1768. Active in political affairs until his death, he was also Secretary of State for the Home Department for a short period in 1782.) 5 7 104176
Laurier, Wilfrid, 1841-1919, papers (Prime Minister, 1896-1911; documents his political career and includes correspondence, notes and memoranda, printed matter and addresses. There are also personal papers concerning finances, and family papers concerning Laurier's grandfather Charles, his father Carolus, his wife Zoé Lafontaine and his nephews. Additional papers include documents from Laurier's secretary Yvonne Coutu) 214 321 98120
Laurier, Wilfrid, 1841-1919, Index to authors of letters found in his papers 3 4
Lavergne, Armand, 1880-1935, correspondence (Quebec lawyer, journalist and MP ; comprend de la correspondance d'Armand Lavergne, d'Émilie Lavergne et de Georgette Lavergne, de même que des dossiers sujets concernant la carrière politique et la vie personnelle d'Armand.) 2 3 99071
Legge, William, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, 1731-1801, papers (onsists of material, mostly, accumulated during Lord Dartmouth's term in office as Secretary of State for the American Department 1772-1775, and is rich in material for the history of the struggle for American independence as well as the early history of British North America. Much of the correspondence reflects public feeling in America at the time and events in the colonies of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Island of St. John (now Prince Edward Island), and in the Illinois country.) 3 4 104170
Leslie, James, 1786-1873, papers (Businessman; Director of Bank of Montreal, 1817-1829 ; Senator, 1867-1873; consists of correspondence concerning business, politics, family and personal matters ; estate papers) 3 4 105026
Levis Papers 2 3
Livingstone, Janey C., papers (letterbook containing copies of letters written by William B. Frue, superintendent of the Silver Islet silver mine from 1871 to 1875; a report on the Silver Islet mine by A.M. Sibley, 1872; a printed historical sketch entitled "Historic Silver Islet, 1868-1885", written ca. 1920 by Janey C. Livingstone; and additional notes concerning the Livingstone sisters) 1 1 100048
Livingstone-Learmonth, Walter, (explorer; consists of a one volume diary of a trip to Iceland in 1887 and a two volume diary of a voyage to Davis Straits and Baffin Bay in 1889, containing photographs of native peoples, whaling and northern scenery, and detailed descriptions of the buildings, people, wildlife and terrain of southwest Iceland. Livingstone-Learmonth journeyed to the Arctic in the nominal capacity of purser on the whaling ship Maud but in fact went on the voyage to photograph and study the North.) 1 1 121812
Macdonald, Agnes, 1836-1920, diary (Wife of the Prime Minister; diary describes the Macdonalds' daily life and political events of the time for 1867-1872, 1875 and 1883) 1 1
Macdonell, Archibald Hayes, 1868-1939, papers (Military officer in WW1; served in Boer War- was a prisoner of war for 6 weeks; Senator, 1921-1939) 1 1 102271
MacMillan, George Boyd, 1881-1953, papers (author and journalist; consists of the literary and personal correspondence of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1903-1941, and some of the literary works of Scottish writer and journalist, George Boyd MacMillan, including some personal correspondence, 1903 and 1951.) 1 1 103301
Macredie, John Robert Clarke, 1879-1932, papers (Engineer. His papers include progress photographs of the CP Railway and Canadian Northern Railway bridges in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1903-1919; working diaries, engineering notes and photographs of his construction projects) 1 1 102426
MacTavish, Newton McFaul, 1877-1941, papers (Journalist, editor of The Canadian Magazine, 1906-1926, and author; papers include: diaries, financial records; correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and memorabilia, 1863-1969, related to Canadian artists and writers who corresponded with MacTavish during his career as editor of The Canadian Magazine and as a member of the Civil Service Commission) 3 4 103172
Magrath, Charles Alexander, 1860-1949, papers (Surveryor; First mayor of Lethbridge Alberta; MPP for Northwest Territories, 1891-98; provincial cabinet minister ; MP, 1908-11; Fuel Controller during WW1; Chairman of Ontario Hydro; Chairman of Canadian section of the International Joint Commission) 3 4 103734
Mark, Ernest C., 1896-1973, papers (Active in social and political organizations, he was unofficial mayor of Toronto's Chinatown for several years. He was publisher of the "Shing Wah Daily News", the largest Chinese newspaper in North America and one of the oldest surviving ethnic newspaper in Canada; consists of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and photographs) 1 1 102306
Massey, Alice, 1880-1950, papers (Canadian philanthropist and wife of Vincent Massey; consists of correspondence with Vincent Massey, her two sons, her parents and other members of the Parkin family; correspondence and invitations while in Washington, 1926-1930, in London, 1935-1946 and in Canada, 1946-1950.) 7 10 127276
Massey, Chester Daniel, papers (He served as secretary of the family business from 1870, as director and treasurer of the new Massey-Harris Company from 1891 and as company president from 1901 until 1903 when he resigned due to ill health; he remained honourary president until his death in 1926. consists of family memorabilia, diaries, autograph books, and church and family scrapbooks; incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to the affairs of the H.A. Massey Estate, business endeavours, the Methodist Church and family matters. These papers provide a commentary on social, business, religious and cultural life in Toronto and indeed the larger Canadian context.) 6 9 127258
Massey, Hart Almerrin, 1823-1896, fonds (Businessman and philanthropistincludes correspondence; a large number of family leases and deeds, wills, certificates, receipts, mortgage agreements, miscellaneous business ledgers, account books, minute books, and other transactions of Daniel, Hart and Chester D. Massey as well as other family members; correspondence from the many cultural, religious and social organizations which sought assistance from the H.A. Massey Estate fund of nearly two million dollars.. 8 12 127255
McLuhan, Marshall, 1911-1980, Correspondence (Philospher of communication theory; known for coining the expressions “The medium is the message” and the “Global village”. Includes nominal correspondence, fan and crank mail, invitations and recommendations correspondence.) 8 12 98306
McDougall, William, 1822-1905, papers (a leading voice of the Clear Grit movement ; Member of Legislative Assembly of Canada, 1858-1867; Commissioner for Crown Lands, 1862-64; Minister of Public Works; a Father of Confederation) 1 1 104270
Meighen, Arthur, Correspondence as Leader of the Opposition, 1922-1926 41 62
Merritt, Thomas, 1759-1842, papers (Thomas was an army and militia officer; Also includes papers of William Hamilton Merrit, born 1793, and, Jedediah Prendegast Merritt, as well as Chace-Prendegast family papers, 1782-1848, and Merritt Family Papers found in the Archives of Ontario, 1780-1873) 9 13 98863
Milnes, Robert Shore, 1746-1837, entry book (Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada, 1799-1808; an entry book which contains despatches relating to crown lands and grants, the Jesuit estates, both Catholic and Protestant clergy, and colonization, 1799-1805) 1 1 98647
Minet, Jean-Baptiste, papers (Minet was the engineer on the ship La Belle, which was one of Robert de La Salle’s four ships used to explore the Gulf of Mexico in 1684-85) 1 1 2395451
Minto, Earl of (John Gilbert Elliott), 1845-1914, papers (Governor General, 1898-1904. Papers consist of: nominal files, subject files, miscellaneous files, memoranda of conversations, narratives and Minto-Elliott correspondence.) 4 6 105483
Monckton, Robert, 1726-1782, papers (Military officer – was second in command to Wolfe at the Battle of Quebec ; involved in deportation of Acadians; Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, 1755-58) 4 6 106021
Monk, James, ca. 1797-1768, and family, papers (James was Assistant-Surveyor of Nova Scotia, a judge of the Superior Court of Common Pleas and Solicitor General; his son, Sir James Monk, was Solicitor General of N.S.; Attorney General of Lower Canada; Chief Justice of Lower Canada; member of the Executive and Legislative Councils, and Administrator of the province, 1819-20; consists of correspondence and related papers of James Monk, his male descendants, and their wives. Most of this material concerns James Monk, his sons Sir James Monk and George Henry Monk and George's sons George Henry, Jr., and Samuel Wentworth Monk. The fonds also includes documents pertaining to George Henry Monk (b. 1783), his wife Jane Pangman, their son George Henry Monk (1822-ca.1870) the Seigneur de Blainville, his wife (and first cousin) Georgiana Henrietta Monk, their seven children and descendants including Seigneurial records, family correspondence, legal records, account books and genealogical notes, 1817-1936..) 4 6 X 100665
Morgan, Henry James, 1842-1913, papers (Acting Under-Secretary of State; publisher; Intensely concerned with Canadian development and achievement, Morgan was one of the founders of the Canada First movement. He also published numerous biographical and bibliographical works, including 'Canadian Men and Women of the Time' (1898) and 'Bibliotheca Canadensis' (1861). He founded the 'Canadian Parliamentary Companion' in 1862 and edited it until 1876.) 8 12 105773
Mumford, W.T., journal (Mumford was an apprentice carpenter who volunteered on H.M.S. The Resolute in search for Sir John Franklin in 1852-54; consists of a journal kept privately by W.T. Mumford of the 1852-1854 voyage of the the H.M.S. RESOLUTE in search of Franklin. Interleaved with the text of some 150 pages are drawings of ships and topographical scenes, two maps, eight printed posters and playbills, and some later letters to Mumford.) 1 1 100450
Nares, George Strong, 1831-1915 (explorer; consists of Journal kept by Lieutenant G.E. Nares while in command of H.M.S. Penguin on survey work in the Pacific concerning a voyage from Australia to Honolulu and surveying of Fanning and Palmyra Islands, 1896-1898.) 1 1 127233
National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of Canada, fonds, 1856-1984 (consists of records relating to operations and administration concerns, member associations, liaison conferences, conventions and workshops, YMCA locals throughout Canada, Western Territorial Committee, publications) 10 15 105663
Osgoode, William, 1754-1824 (first Chief Justice of Upper Canada, 1791-94; Chief Justice of Lower Canada, 1794-1801; member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council of both Upper and Lower Canada; served on several Royal Commissions; consists of the Osgoode papers which are chiefly correspondence, to and from intimate friends on a wide range of personal, political and social matters. They reveal much of Osgoode's private life while disclosing the opinions of his correspondents and himself on the major political and social events of the day. The letters offer specific insights and new information about the policies of major political figures in Upper and Lower Canada during Osgoode's lifetime.) 2 3 98349
Ottawa Transportation Co., Ltd., papers (minutes and copies of the Company's charter, by-laws and annual reports, 1892-1914) 1 1 100049
Papineau, Louis-Joseph, 1786-1871, and family, papers (politician – Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada; leader of the Parti canadien; consists of personal and professional correspondence.) 12 18 99931
Peter the Great Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia (Photocopies of some documents, mostly in Russian, from their collection that relate to Canada: Description of Halifax harbour (Nova Scotia) including navigational directions, the naval administration, the town proper; text partly in English, 4 pages (n.d., 1794-1796). 3) Report by E.I. Blomquist, Background Notes on the Institute's holdings relating to the Native Peoples of Canada (and North America); the Iroquois, 124 pages. 4) Report on the Natives of Labrador, (Dr. E.I. Blomquist), 74 pages (n.d.). 5) Report on the Doukhobors of Canada, (Dr. E.I. Blomquist), 27 pages (n.d., 1945). 6) Report on the History of Native Politics in the United States, (Dr. E.I. Blomquist), 55 pages (n.d.). Descriptions of artifacts and related items, 186 pages.) 1 1 106720
Polish Alliance Friendly Society of Canada fonds 3 4
Pope, William Henry, 1825-1879, papers (Lawyer; P.E.I. M.P.P; editor of The Islander newspaper; a Father of Confederation; consists of correspondence addressed to Pope, chiefly concerning Prince Edward Island politics between the Charlottetown Conference, 1864, and the federation of Prince Edward Island with Canada in 1873) 1 1 103250
Power, Charles Gavan, 1888-1968, papers (Military officer in WW1, federal minister, lawyer; Postmaster General; consists of textual records including memoirs; a scrapbook, containing memoranda and memorabilia, 1760, 1812-1820; and personal correspondence.) 1 1 103049
Prescott, Robert, 1725-1815, papers (military officer, colonial governor; was at the siege of Louisburg; Governor-in-chief of British North America, 1796-1807; consists of the accumulated copies of official correspondence received and sent by Robert Prescott during his administration of several colonies. The surviving entrybooks and registers (forming series 1) record his despatches to and from the Secretary of State and other imperial officials; correspondence with the British Minister at Washington, fellow governors and commanders in British North America, and senior officials within Lower Canada) 4 6 102534
Pringle, James, 1784-1860, papers (journal, correspondence, notebooks and papers relating to Captain Pringle's military career in the 81st Regiment of Infantry and the Cornwall militia, as well as his work as Clerk of the Land Board for the Eastern District of Upper Canada) 1 1 100505
Rowell, Newton Wesley, 1867-1941, papers (Lawyer; Ontario MPP; Ontario Liberal House leader, 1911-1917; MP, 1917-1921; President of Privy Council, 1917-1920; Minister of Health, 1919-1920; Member of Imperial War Cabinet, 1918; Consists of papers which reflect Newton Wesley Rowell's political and public life, as well as his personal life.) 16 24 103863
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (consists of minutes of the Executive Committee (1920-1965), Council (1907-1971) and Annual General Meetings (1911-1971) 4 6 159689
Ryland, Herman Witsius, 1760-1838, fonds (Civil Secretary to Governor of Lower Canada, Sir Guy Carleton, 1793-96, and to his successors: Robert Prescott (1796-1798), Lieutenant Governor Robert Milnes (1799-1807), James Craig (1807-1811) and George Prevost (1811-1813); Clerk of the Crown in Chancery from 1802 to 1833, and treasurer and secretary of the Jesuit's Estate Commission from 1811 to 1826. Ryland was also a political figure, sitting as a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1812 until his death in 1838; documents in this fonds reflect the political influence, the involvment in government and the private life of Herman Witsius Ryland, his wife and his children in Lower Canada, as well as the ties the family had with England. Fonds consists of several series containing personal correspondence sent or received by H.W. Ryland or by other members of his family, especially his wife and his two sons, George and William, as well as copies of letters, reports and memorials prepared by H.W. Ryland and related directly or indirectly to his official functions in the colony. These documents cover mainly the period from 1790 to 1840. 6 9 104690
Saint-Laurent, William, ca. 1845-ca. 1890 ((Après quelques années d'activités à Québec, il établit une agence commerciale entre la France et le Canada. Durant la guerre franco-prussienne, W. Saint-Laurent se livre au commerce des armes et devient, par la suite, agent pour différentes compagnies américaines; compose de lettres reçues, de contrats de vente d'armes, de laissez-passer, de commissions, de télégrammes, etc. (ca 1870-1889), 54 pages. On y retrouve un registre de copies de lettres (1870-1872), 502 pages; un passeport pour aller en Russie (1879) et un carnet de notes.) 1 1 99090
Scott, Francis Reginald, 1899-1985, papers (Poet, lawyer, professor; chair of C.C.F., 1942-1950; helped to found the New Party – the predecessor of the New Democratic Party) 89 133 103891
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 1771-1820, Earl of, papers ( Colonizer – The Earl devoted himself to promoting emigration from Scotland to settlements at Red River, Baldoon and Grand River, as well as on P.E.I. Papers include: correspondence, journals, accounts and related papers of Thomas Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, and his executors. The documents relate chiefly to the Red River Settlement and the conflict with the North West Company but also include records relating to the ventures in Prince Edward Island and at Baldoon and the Grand River) 20 30 100745
Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice (Paris), papers, 1640-1872 (comprend des documents pour l'histoire de l'Église du Canada, 1674-1850; des pièces pour l'histoire militaire du Canada, 1750-1760; des documents relatifs à la Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Montréal et à l'Évêché de Québec, 1689-1773; documents concernant les établissements religieux du Canada; correspondance et documents divers, 1663-1708; mélanges, 1640-1872.) 3 4 99784
Senkler, Edmund John, fl. 1835-1898, papers (He was appointed Crown attorney for the counties of Leeds and Grenville, 1863 and judge of the County of Lincoln in 1877; consists of a notebook containing miscellaneous information on subjects ranging from physics and geometry to astronomical observations, for example, sightings of comets and meteors.) 1 1 100274
Sifton, Clifford, 1861-1929, papers, Letterbooks, and 1955 C.B.C. broadcast (Politician – Manitoba MPP; MP, Minister of the Interior; Superintendant of Indian Affairs ; consists of political papers including general correspondence, Ottawa Letterbooks, Manitoba Letterbooks, Indian Affairs Letterbooks, Yukon correspondence, McCreary correspondence, telegram books, and resignation correspondence, 1889-1926; Alaska Boundary Tribunal Papers with subseries on correspondence, background documents, proceedings of the tribunal, articles and clippings, 1898-1904, 1915, 1942; Investment papers with subseries on correspondence; Georgian Bay Canal papers (with sub subseries on correspondence, Canal files, speeches, and clippings) and general investments, 1891-1932; subject files, 1880-1929; family papers, 1925-1957; and Dafoe Papers, 1929-1955) 229 342 105391
Sigogne, Jean Mandé, 1763-1844, papers (Catholic priest known for his missionary work among the Nova Scotia Acadians. He worked with the Acadians for over 45 years, as pastor, as builder of churches and schools, and as a defender of their civil rights.) 1 1
Société des écrivains canadiens, papers (contient des documents de la Société des écrivains canadiens: procès-verbaux, états financiers, rapports d'assemblées, mémoires, correspondance, dossiers des membres, publications de la Société, coupures de presse, photographies d'écrivains du milieu du 20e siècle, etc.) 1 1
Spence, Thomas, 1832-1900, papers (Spence was elected president of the short-lived government of New Caledonia, or Manitobah, which he had helped to establish at Portage La Prairie. In April 1870, Spence became editor of the New Nation, the organ of Louis Riel's provisional government. After the establishment of Manitoba as a province, he became Clerk of the Legislative Council, 1871-1876, and of the Legislative Assembly, 1878-1885; consists of correspondence, memorials and petitions from the inhabitants of Portage La Prairie in New Caledonia, or 'Manitobah'. These documents address local, Dominion, and Imperial officials on the subject of union between Rupert's Land and Canada, 1866-1868. The fonds also contains an account by Thomas Spence entitled, 'The True story of the Red River troubles of 1869-1879', 1890.) 1 1 X 98237
Stanier (Family), papers, 1885-1953 (consists of correspondence concerning the emigration of the Stanier family and their subsequent life in Canada.) 1 1 X 100985
Stewart, William, 1803-1856, and Family, papers (Businessman; MP for Ontario; consists of a letterbook of William Stewart from 11 August 1834 to 2 November 1846 with an index at the beginning; as well as four letters, 1841-1844, at the end of the letterbook.) 5 8 100340
Taché (Famille), papers, 1673-1922 (Ce fonds portant sur divers membres de la famille Taché comprend trois séries de documents: 1) des actes notariés et des pièces judiciaires, 1673-1868; 2) des documents sur la famille Boucher de La Broquerie et Taché, 1695-1922 et 3) des documents divers 1751-1903) 2 3 98776
Taylor, Frederick B., 1906-1974, correspondence (artist; helped to found the Federation of Canadian Artists) 5 7
Taylor, Thomas Wardlaw, born 1833, papers (Judge; Chief Justice of Manitoba, 1887-99; presiding judge at the 1885 trial of Louis Riel; collection consists of five journals, covering the years 1799-1916. The journals describe Taylor's religious background and most particularly, the circumstances surrounding the Manitoba Schools Question.) 2 3 105967
Thompson, John Sparrow David, 1845-1894, papers (Prime Minister, 1892-1894; consists of letters received, letterbooks, drafts of letters, memoranda, and printed material.) 56 84 123655
Toronto Camera Club, papers, 1870-1979 (consists of constitution and by-laws; history; correspondence and memoranda; financial records; membership; exhibitions; subject files; minutes; clippings) 14 21 100077
Traill Family Collection, 1816-1997 (consists of the records of Catharine Parr Traill, her husband Thomas Traill, their children and extended family, and their descendants. Included is textual documentation on Catharine Parr Traill's sisters in England and her sister Susanna Moodie. Includes: correspondence; manuscripts and printed works; miscellaneous essays and printed material; miscellany and memorabilia; wills, deeds and related documents; clippings; family history; material copied from the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge collection; and art material) 11 16 105633
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott, 1919-2000, Correspondance du premier ministre de 1978 à 1979, Index = PMO correspondence, 78-79, Index (index à correspondance générale et prioritaire = index to general and priority correspondence.) 3 5 130046 (Fre)
129695 (Eng)
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott, 1919-2000, Correspondance du premier ministre de 1980 à 1984, Index = PMO correspondence, 1980-84, Index (index à correspondance générale et prioritaire = index to general and priority correspondence.) 58 87 130047 (Fre)
129696 (Eng)
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott, 1919-2000, Correspondance prioritaire du premier ministre de 1968 à 1978, Index = PMO priority correspondence, 1968-78, Index (index à correspondance prioritaire = index to priority correspondence.) 23 34 130044 (Fre)
129693 (Eng)
Tupper, Charles, 1821-1915, papers (consists of political papers, 1823-1916; personal papers, 1821-1915; family papers, 1857, ca. 1878-1919) 13 20 105103
Underhill, Frank H., 1889-1971, papers (historian, professor, author; one of the founders of the C.C.F. and a prominent member of the League for Social Reconstruction; consists of correspondence, writings, including manuscripts of articles, books and speeches; research files covering historical topics, constitutional questions, academic freedom and education, political parties and movements, foreign policy; diaries kept during military service during World War I, 1916-1918; miscellaneous material; personal material; and interview transcripts.) 2 3 104754
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Eighteenth century correspondence with North America (Series B) (consists of correspondence with North America, 1699-1799, which include letters received by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel together with copies of some letters sent by the Secretary of the Society; includes documents that relate to land transactions at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, 1699-1713; letters received from missionaries in Newfoundland, 1759-1785, and Nova Scotia, 1760-l786.) 2 3 187893
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Letters received from dioceses in Canada, 1850-1886 (consists of letters and papers received by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel from missions within what is now Canada.) 12 18 187896
United Steel Workers of America. Canadian National Office, 1902-1986 (includes records of national policy conferences and their predecessors, correspondence, subject files, district and area files and administrative files; records of the Public Relations Department and the Education and Welfare Department.) 39 60 97669
Van Horne, William Cornelius, 1843-1915, papers (One of Canada’s most successful businessmen; President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1888-1898; Chairman, 1898-1910; consists primarily of records relating to Van Horne's non-C.P.R. business activities. For e.g., the establishment and running of the Cuba Company and Cuba Railroad Company, 1898-1915, includes: letterbooks, incoming correspondence, subject files, financial and operational records, and published material; also includes family journals, publications, and miscellanea concerning the Van Horne and Hurd Families.) 4 6 102333
Vatican. Archives de la sacrée congrégation de la propaganda, 1622-1878 (comprennent des extraits des fonds suivants: "Acta", 1662-1795, 1806-1878; "Scritture originali riferite nelle Congregazioni Generali", 1860-1862; "Scritture riferite nei Congressi", "America Settentrionale", 1668-1871; "Lettere", 1801-1835, 1840-1876.) 2 3
Warre, Henry James, 1819-1898, papers (Army officer; Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in North America; artist ; consists of many of Sir Henry James Warre's notebooks, sketchbooks and descriptive narratives relating to his years in North America, 1839-1846, plus a small notebook compiled during his studies at Sandhurst in 1835; his memoirs of 1819-1856 and a typescript version of his memoirs for 1839-1846 as edited by his cousin Felix W. Warre about 1950) 3 4 98359
Weredale House, papers (Originally known as The Boys’ Home of Montreal, it was founded in 1870; Although the Boys' Home did develop a training home for delinquent boys, its main responsibility was homeless anglophone boys between the ages of nine and eighteen) 12 18 105327
Woodsworth, James Shaver, 1874-1942, papers (Leader - and one of the founders - of the C.C.F.; Member of Parliament, 1921-1942; consists of series of correspondence; subject files; diaries and notebooks; lectures and speeches; reports of the Bureau of Social Research; C.C.F. mailing lists; printed material; souvenirs; personal papers; and scrapbooks.) 2 3 106890
Wright, Alexander Whyte, 1845-1919, papers (businessman; journalist/editor; in 1895 he was appointed by the federal government to investigate sweat shops in Canada ; consists of three letterbooks including letterpress copies of A.W. Wright's correspondence while he was a member of the General executive Board of the Knights of Labor and after he lost his position, 1890-1895 ; Knights of Labor correspondence and miscellaneous items, 1892-93; miscellaneous including correspondence and clippings, 1884, 1895, 1907-1919.) 1 1 97957
Wright, Charles, died 1828, papers (Public servant; Surveyor General of P.E.I. ; papers relating to the various interests of the Wright and Cambridge, families consisting of genealogical notes pp. 1-43, and an agreement between Thomas Wright and other heirs of Mary Davis, 1778, a letterbook kept by Mary Cambridge, 1811-1812, of letters to her husband John Cambridge, concerning their business and land interests, and political affairs of the island.) 1 1 100689
Wright, Frank (photographer ; President of the Professional Photographers of Ontario, 1865-67; consists of records of the Photographers Association of Canada and its successor, the Ontario Society of Photographers, as well as some records of the Professional Photographers of Ontario. The records include minutes; constitution and bylaws; financial records; general correspondence and memoranda.) 1 1 105777
Young Women’s Christian Association of Canada, fonds, 1870-1991 (consists of national bodies and executive minutes, reports and correspondence; finances; committees; personnel training and leadership development; World Service; Young Men's - Young Women's Christian Association (Y.M.-Y.W.C.A.); seminars and conferences; program material; and songbooks and scrapbooks, 1870-1991.) 3 4 100112


Document Title No. of films Pages (1000s) Significant genealogical content Mikan no.
Mechanical/Equipment Canadian Car & Foundry, Montreal, 1953. Series A 1 1 2123695
Ukrainian language newspapers and periodicals (Selected issues microfilmed for the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies from originals at Library and Archives Canada.) 5 7 26504