Great Britain. Admiralty. Admiralty & Secretariat : papers (ADM 1)

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Créateur Great Britain. Admiralty.
Titre Great Britain. Admiralty. Admiralty & Secretariat : papers (ADM 1)
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MG 12 ADM 1
Foreign relations
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Description The Admiralty was the authority responsible for the command of the Royal Navy in the Kingdom of England, and later in Great Britain, and until 1964 in the United Kingdom. Originally exercised by a single person, the Lord High Admiral, the Admiralty was from the early 18th century onwards almost invariably put "in commission" and exercised by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, who sat on the Board of Admiralty. The Board of Admiralty consisted of a number of Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. The Lords Commissioners were always a mixture of admirals, known as Naval Lords or Sea Lords, and Civil Lords, normally politicians. The quorum of the Board was two commissioners and a secretary.
This collection consists of "in-letters" received, (and later subject files created) by the Secretary's department of the Board of Admiralty, 1660-1969.
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