Henry Cavendish fonds

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Creator Cavendish, Henry, 1713-1810.
Title Henry Cavendish fonds
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Description Henry Cavendish (1731 - 1810) was a British natural philosopher, scientist, and an important experimental and theoretical chemist and physicist. Cavendish is noted for his discovery of hydrogen or what he called "inflammable air". He described the density of inflammable air, which formed water on combustion. He was distinguished for great accuracy and precision in his research into the composition of atmospheric air, the properties of different gases, the synthesis of water, the law governing electrical attraction and repulsion, a mechanical theory of heat, and calculations of the density (and hence the weight) of the Earth.
This collection consists of drafts of the text "Heat" by Henry Cavendish, ca. 1780, and a copy of the sale description, 1969, and other material. There is also an unpublished 'Scientific Manuscript of Major importance'; a manuscript on heat as an apparent first draft, ca. 1780; and manuscript on heat, an apparent second draft, ca. 1780.
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