Canadiana Terms of Service


These are the terms of service governing the use of the Canadiana website. CRKN reserves the right to update these terms of service from time to time.

Use of the Site

Users agree to limit their use of the site to reasonable personal use (for any purpose, including research, teaching and professional). In particular, users agree not to systematically download, mirror, make available to third parties, or otherwise replicate substantial portions of these collections.

Any other use of the site or its content requires written permission from CRKN. CRKN reserves the right to impose limits on an individual's use of the site in order to maintain overall quality of service. This includes but is not limited to restricting the number of concurrent downloads from any one individual. CRKN also retains the right to restrict, suspend or terminate users for behaviour that is abusive, illegal, or which unduly impairs access for other users.


CRKN logs information about use of the site. This information may be shared in aggregate with third parties, but personally identifiable information will not be disclosed except as required by law.

In order to obtain a Canadiana user account, a valid e-mail address must be provided. CRKN will not share email addresses or account information with third parties, except as required by law. CRKN will not send unsolicited email to email addresses provided by the user, except for notices directly relating to account and subscription status and related matters.

Appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personally-identifiable information.


Subscriptions to Canadiana collections are for the personal use of one individual or household. Subscribers must not distribute their Canadiana account credentials and must take reasonable care to ensure that their password remains secure.

Subscribers may access all of a collection’s content and features for the duration of their subscription, and may download copies of material in the collection. They may also continue to access and use previously-downloaded materials (PDF documents) after their subscription terminates; however, lost or destroyed copies cannot be re-downloaded outside of the subscription period. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure proper storage and backup of any content downloaded from the site.

Users who are not subscribers to a collection may have limited access to its content and features. Subscribers to a collection and users accessing the collection from a location covered by an institutional site license will have access to all its content and features; however, access to certain features may require a valid Canadiana user account.

CRKN holds copyright to its collections as a whole. Substantial portions of these collections may not be reproduced or distributed without its express permission. While many of the documents, photographs and other works or subject matter available on this site are in the public domain, this may not always be the case. All users of the site are responsible to ascertain for themselves whether any particular work or other subject matter is protected by copyright and to seek any necessary permission from the copyright owner(s) if they intend to use any such material.