France. Archives de la Marine. Fonds de la Marine : Série B2, Ordres et dépêches

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France. Ministère de la Marine.
France. Archives de la Marine. Fonds de la Marine : Série B2, Ordres et dépêches
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One of France's Secretaries of State under the ancien régime was entrusted with control of the French Navy (Secretary of State of the Navy in France).. In 1791, this title was changed to Minister of the Navy. Before the 1890s, this position also usually had responsibility for France's colonies, and was usually known as Minister of the Navy and Colonies. The documents contained in the Fonds de la Marine were created or received by the Department of the Navy of France. They add to our knowledge of the French presence in the world as they document the naval operations, discovery and expansion of French overseas territories.
This collection contains the king's orders and dispatches from the offices of the Navy. These documents were addressed to ministers, senior officials, municipal and provincial authorities, officers serving in ports or at sea, directors of trading companies, ship owners, purveyors , senior religious orders, bishops and other dignitaries of the time. They were also intended for colonial officers who were then in France. The king's orders are expressed as actual orders, letters, memoirs, instructions, commissions, patents, holidays, passports, certificates, orders, judgments, settlements, etc. The documents in this collection may relate in particular to trade with the colonies, supplies, the armament of vessels, the shipments of settlers, goods, weapons and ammunition to the colonies, organizing escorts for merchant ships or fishing boats, pay, promotions and pensions officers, equipment and colonial troops, manning, the exchange of prisoners, the fur trade and fishing.