France. Archives de la Marine. Fonds de la Marine : Série B4, Campagnes

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France. Ministère de la Marine.
France. Archives de la Marine. Fonds de la Marine : Série B4, Campagnes
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One of France's Secretaries of State under the ancien régime was entrusted with control of the French Navy (Secretary of State of the Navy in France). In 1791, this title was changed to Minister of the Navy. Before the 1890s, this position also usually had responsibility for France's colonies, and was usually known as Minister of the Navy and Colonies. The documents contained in the Fonds de la Marine were created or received by the Department of the Navy of France. They add to our knowledge of the French presence in the world as they document the naval operations, discovery and expansion of French overseas territories.
Much of this collection consists of newspapers, and information on relationships and reports of navigation, travel, expeditions and battles. There is also the king's orders and instructions of the Minister to the officers of the vessels, the correspondence of the officers sent to the minister of armament projects, campaign plans, projects of conquest, reports of shipwrecks, martial procedures, statements, statements of expenditure, lists of ships, officers, prisoners and other documents. Most orders and instructions are unsigned documents, minutes or drafts that remained in the offices of the administration and, later, were placed in this collection. The documents in this collection are usually in chronological and geographical order.