Great Britain. Colonial Office : emigration, original correspondence (CO 384)

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Great Britain. Colonial Office.
Great Britain. Colonial Office : emigration, original correspondence (CO 384)
MG 11 CO 384
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The Colonial Office was a government department of the United Kingdom, first created to deal with the colonial affairs of British North America. It was headed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies, known as the Colonial Secretary. Prior to 1768, responsibility for the affairs of the British colonies was overseen by the Secretary of State for the Southern Department and a Privy Council committee called the Board of Trade and Plantations. In 1768, the separate American or Colonial Department was established to deal with British North America. The department was abolished in 1782 with the loss of the American colonies. Responsibility for the remaining colonies were first given to the Home Office, then, in 1801, it was transferred to the War Office. In 1854, this office was divided into two and a new Colonial Office was created to deal with colonial needs, and this new office was assigned to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
This collection consists of a "subject" class of records relating to emigration. It includes the correspondence and reports of agents such as Peter Robinson, estimates, abstracts of expenses, Treasury correspondence, Navy Office, Transport and Victualling Office accounts, government advertisements, and collections of letters written home by settlers describing their experience. There may also be a collection of "Circulars", advertisements, form letters, application forms, general orders, shipboard regulations, published reports, etc., which provide information on the subject of government policy and its implementation.