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British Military and Naval Records. Admiralty Records
British Military and Naval Records, Admiralty : Pacific Station records
Archives militaires et navales britanniques. Archives de l'Amirauté
War of 1812
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Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Correspondence, memoranda, and reports accumulated by the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Station at Esquimalt, 1848-1903. The records of the Commander in Chief are arranged by geographical area until 1893 when all records were filed chronologically in one general series. In 1896, a partial reversion to the old system was made by setting up separate files for British Columbia, Esquimalt and the Behring Sea, but the general series was apparently continued for the other records.
The Provincial Marine was a coastal protection service in charge of the waters in the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River and parts of Lake Champlain under British Control. The Royal Navy was responsible for all other bodies of water off Canada. In 1813, the Royal Navy assumed direct control of the Provincial Marine`s vessels after they performed poorly during the War of 1812 against an American Lake Ontario squadron. Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo (1782 - 1818) replaced most of the provincial officers with Royal Navy officers and current-day Kingston, Ontario, became the base of the British naval establishment and the headquarters of the senior naval officer on all of the Great Lakes. The Royal Navy continued to be responsible for naval defences on the lakes through to the 1860s. From the year 1848 onward, ships of the Royal Navy's Pacific Squadron began to use Esquimalt's harbour in what would become the province of British Columbia, and Esquimalt became its permanent base in 1862. The base was transferred to Canada in 1910 when the country formed its own navy.
This collection represents the records accumulated by the Royal Navy on the Pacific Station at Esquimalt, British Columbia, between 1848 to 1903. The Admiralty Pacific Station Records bring together 39 volumes of original records and copies of additional volumes accumulated by the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Station at Esquimalt, British Columbia.
La Marine provinciale était un service de protection côtière responsable des eaux des Grands Lacs, du fleuve Saint-Laurent et de certaines parties du lac Champlain placées sous contrôle britannique. La Marine royale était responsable de toutes les autres étendues d'eau au large des côtes du Canada. En 1813, la Marine royale assumait le contrôle direct des vaisseaux de la Marine provinciale suite aux mauvaises performances de cette marine durant la guerre de 1812 contre un escadron américain du lac Ontario. Le commodore sir James Lucas Yeo (1782-1818) a remplacé la majorité des officiers provinciaux par des officiers de la Marine royale, et la ville actuelle de Kingston, Ontario, est devenue la base du personnel de la Marine britannique et le quartier général de l'officier supérieur de la Marine responsable de l'ensemble des Grands Lacs. La Marine royale conserva la responsabilité de la défense navale sur les Lacs jusque dans les années 1860. Depuis 1848, la flotte du Pacifique de la Marine royale utilise le port d'Esquimalt situé dans la province actuelle de la Colombie-Britannique. En 1862, Esquimalt est devenu sa base permanente. En 1910, cette base fut transférée au Canada suite à la création d'une marine canadienne.
Cette collection regroupe les archives accumulées entre 1848 à 1903 par la base du Pacifique, à Esquimalt, Colombie-Britannique. Les archives de l'Amirauté responsable de la base du Pacifique regroupent 39 volumes de documents originaux et des copies d'autres volumes de documents accumulés par le commandant en chef de la base du Pacifique, à Esquimalt, Colombie-Britannique.