Journal of Esteban José Martinez

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Journal of Esteban José Martinez
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Item is "Diario de la Navegacion que hizo al Puerto de Sn. Lorenzo de Nutca en 1789 D. Estevan José Martinez", copied in 1789 from the original text and certified by Martinez as commander of the Princesa (frigate) and its sister-ship the San Carlos. The text which includes Martinez's instructions from the Viceroy, pages 1-12; extensive commentary on the flora and fauna, the geography and minerals, the natives and their customs, and the trade of the Nootka Sound area, with a Nootka-Castillian vocabulary based on the work of Joseph Ingraham, pages 224-256 and 258-266; and a Hawaiian-Castillian vocabulary pages 306-315. The original logbook was lost when Princesa sank, but several copies are known to have been prepared for presentation by Martinez to the Viceroy of Mexico and authorities in Spain. The text in the Museo Naval in Madrid (MS 732) was the basis for the published version in the Collection de Diarios y Relaciones para la Historia de los Viajes y Descubrimientos (vol. VI; Madrid, Instituto Historico de Marina, 1964), edited by Roberto Barreiro-Meiro.
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