Bank of Montreal fonds

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Bank of Montreal.
Bank of Montreal fonds
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The Bank of Montreal was founded in 1817 as the first bank in Canada, when nine Montreal merchants signed articles of association. The Bank of Montreal established branches in Newfoundland on January 31, 1895, following the collapse of the Newfoundland Commercial Bank and Union Bank of Newfoundland on December 10, 1894. The Bank of Montreal absorbed the Bank of British North America in 1918, the Merchants' Bank of Bank in 1921, and Molson's Bank in 1925.
This collection consists of a telegraphic code sheet with accompanying circular letter, 1860. It also contains a specimen signature register of officers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918. It also is comprised of Trustees' statements of account for CPR land grant bonds. It also includes the letterbooks of C.F. Smithers, successively Chief Agent in New York, 1869-1879, General Manager in Montreal, 1879-1881, and President of the Bank, 1881-1887; and of G.F. Clouston, who was Assistant General Manager, 1887-1889, Acting General Manager, 1889-1890, and General Manager from 1890. The books contain copies of letters sent to the General Manager in Montreal, to branches at London, New York and various Canadian cities, and to Cabinet Ministers, government officials, clients and other bankers. Topics include loans, investments, government financing, railways, international exchange and other banking matters.