Audit Office : AO 12. Claims, American Loyalists - Series I

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Great Britain. Audit Office
Audit Office : AO 12. Claims, American Loyalists - Series I
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The British Exchequer and Audit Department, more commonly known as the Audit Office, was concerned with accounts of expenditures related to colonial administration and military and naval actions associated with the acquisition and defence of colonies, including the British North American colonies which later became Canada and the United States of America. It was the principal auditing agency of the British central government and it was created in 1866 to be the modern replacement of the old Exchequer. (The final settlement of accounts was a responsibility that lay previously with the Exchequer.) The new Audit Office was entrusted with much greater power than its predecessors enabling the government to exercise effective control over the amounts of its expenditure.The accounts of all government departments, including the Treasury, were subjected to its scrutiny.
Between 1784 and 1794, the British government paid many pensions and compensations to Loyalists by authority of a series of Acts of Parliament. This collection consists of entry books and ledgers recording the memorials and schedule of losses for Loyalist claimants, plus evidence of witnesses or supporting documents; examinations, decisions and reports of the commissioners.