Fonds de la famille Taché : Actes notariés et pièces judiciaires

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Taché (famille)
Fonds de la famille Taché : Actes notariés et pièces judiciaires
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Jean-Pascal Taché (1698-1768) was merchant and trader, member of the Grand Jury of the district of Quebec, notary and ancestor of the Taché family in Canada. He settled in Quebec in 1730 and, in 1742, married Marie-Anne Jolliet de Mingan. He was successful in business and rapidly acquired quite a fortune, partially due to the fact that he diversified his business interests. He was the owner of at least three ships - the Trinité, the Émérillon, and the Saint-Roch - that regularly sailed up the Labrador coast seeking cargoes of salt. He was also involved in the fishing industry. From 1750 to 1753, Taché was a militia captain in the government of New France. He acted several times as attorney or arbitrator in disputes between merchants. In 1748, he acted as secretary for the merchant traders of Quebec, and in 1753 he became their syndic. After the fall of New France, Jean Taché was among the first Canadians to be called as members of the Grand Jury for the district of Quebec. In Feburary 1768, Governor Guy Carleton granted him a commission as a notary. Taché practised his new profession for about two months only; he died on April 18 of that year. Among his descendants are a bishop (Alexandre-Antonin), a minister (Etienne-Pascal), two Deputy Ministers (Etienne-Eugène and Joseph-Charles), lawyers and doctors. One of his grandsons, Charles Taché, married Louise-Henriette Boucher de la Broquerie in 1820.
This collection contains deeds of sale, marriage contracts, wills, donations, leases, bonds, receipts, proxies, constitutions, annuities, supervisory measures, asset inventories, judgments, arbitrations, and various documents. This collection includes, among other families, Boucher, Taché, Gaultier de Varennes, Sabrevois de Bleury, Hertel de Rouville, La Jemmerais (Marguerite d'Youville), Tailhandier, Loiseau, Silvain (Timothée), Gamelin (Pierre), Le Boutillier, Stubinger, Le Moyne de Longueuil, Puygibault, Rocbert de La Morandière and Bouat. The collection also contains information on the seigneuries of Boucherville, Varennes and Longueuil.