Canadian Seamen's Union newspapers and bulletins

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Cohen, Jacob Lawrence, 1898-1950.
Canadian Seamen's Union newspapers and bulletins
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The Canadian Seaman's Union was established in 1936 to improve the archaic working conditions and wages for ordinary commercial seamen. Affiliated to the Trades and Labor Congress (TLC), this communist-led industrial union gained concessions, and was recognized as a collective-bargaining agent for ordinary seamen, and fought unsuccessfully to retain Canada's merchant fleet, the Western world's fourth largest. The union was stripped of its union status and disaffiliated by the TLC in 1950 during the red scare and an ill-timed union strike in 1949.
This collection consists of: National Seamen's Union Bulletin No, 1, News of the Water Transport Workers of the St Lawrence and the Great Lakes, 1936; CSU mimeographed bulletin, late 1936 or early 1937, (1st page missing); Searchlight, organ of the CSU, Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 3, No. 12, July 1937 to December 1939.