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Neilson collection : Historical miscellenea
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John Neilson (1775 - 1848) was a Scots-Quebecer editor of the newspaper The Quebec Gazette/La Gazette de Québec and a politician. He emigrated from Scotland in 1790 to join his brother Samuel Neilson, who had succeeded their uncle William Brown as proprietor of the Quebec Gazette. John Neilson became proprietor in 1797 and then gradually came to assume a number of public offices and responsibilities. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada in a partial election in 1818, and he was re-elected until 1830 and supported the Parti canadien. In 1823, he accompanied Louis-Joseph Papineau to London to lobby against the Union project in the name of the majority of the MPs in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada. Again, in 1828 he was part of a delegation sent to London to present his party's demands for reform. In 1830, he took his distance from the Parti patriote, which he considered to be too radical. In 1837, he was named to the Executive Council and Legislative Council. He was a member of the Special Council that administered Lower Canada after the Lower Canada Rebellion. He opposed the Union of the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada after its enactment. In 1841, he was elected to the first Parliament of the Province of Canada in the riding of Quebec County. He was elected speaker, but in 1844 was appointed to the Legislative Council.
This collection consists of correspondence, reports, returns and other records of the investigation into the conduct of James Allison, sometime Emigrant Agent at Montreal, 1823-1849. It also includes the letters received by N. Radiger, Deputy Naval Storekeeper, Montreal, 1814-1815; the letters of Joseph Ballingall, Deputy Naval Storekeeper to Edwards Laws, Storekeeper, Montreal, 1817; and the letters of John Barrow to Capt. Robert Barrie, Acting Commissioner of H.M. Navy, Kingston, 1823-1826; and a promissory note, dated October 9. 1837, issued by the Distillerie De St.Denis.