Major Paul Mascarene's journal, minutes, etc.

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Brown, Andrew, d. 1834.
Major Paul Mascarene's journal, minutes, etc.
French Canada
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Jean-Paul Mascarene (c. 1684 - 1760) was a Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia between 1740 and 1749 and commander of the 40th Regiment of Foot during the same period. During this time, he led the colony through King George's War. He had an extensive military career throughout his life, during the events of British and French conflict that led to the Seven Years' War. A Huguenot émigré, Mascarene served throughout New England and Atlantic Canada from 1710 to 1740 as a military engineer and fluent negotiator with the Acadians and Aboriginals. He was one of the first, in 1720, to analyse Great Britain's weakness in Nova Scotia, recommending a stronger military presence and unqualified loyalty from the Acadians.
This collection consists of Major Paul Mascarene's journal, containing copies of his correspondence with Governor Richard Philipps, Lieutenant-Governor John Doucett, Lieutenant John Washington, and others, 1720-1725; the private letterbook and journal of Major Paul Mascarene, which includes correspondence relating to his personal business and family affairs, 1742-1752; Minutes and other proceedings of the Council of Nova Scotia, during Mascarene's acting governorship, which include a conference between Mascarene and the Aboriginals at River St. John, 1744; copies of documents extracted from the Minutes of Council, 1744; and correspondence of Major Paul Mascarene, 1748-1749, which contains material relating to the Acadians.