Department of Indian Affairs : Wiarton Land Office

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Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs.
Department of Indian Affairs : Wiarton Land Office
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In 1755, the British Crown established the British Indian Department, and responsibility for Indian Affairs rested on the Superintendents of Indian Affairs from 1755 to 1841. After 1843, the Governors General held control of Indian Affairs, but usually delegated much of their responsibility to a series of Civil Secretaries. In 1860, the responsibility for Indian affairs was transferred from the government of Great Britain to the Province of Canada and the responsibility for Indian Affairs was given to the Crown Lands Department Commissions Responsible for Indian Affairs. The responsibility for Indian Affairs rested with various government departments between 1873 and 1966. The Minister of the Interior also held the position of Superintendent General of Indian Affairs after the Indian Affairs Department was established in 1880. From 1950 to 1965, the Indian Affairs portfolio was carried by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. In October 1966, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development was created. Today, the department is known as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
The Wiarton Land Office was established in November 1877 and functioned until June 1922. Upon its closure, its functions were carried out by the agent at Cape Croker.
This collection consists of records created and maintained by the Wiarton Land Office. The series includes correspondence, letterbooks, leases, day books and an inspection report.