Office of the Surveyor General : letterbooks

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Canada. Dept. of the Interior.
Office of the Surveyor General : letterbooks
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Following the passing of the responsibility for the administration of natural resources to the western provinces in 1930, the Department of the Interior and the Department of Mines were combined into a new Department of Mines and Resources. Federal responsibility for surveys and mapping, mines, energy, and other natural resources was transferred to the new ministry. In December 1949, the Department underwent yet another complete re-organization when it was renamed the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys. Under the Government Organization Act of 1966, the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys was abolished and the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources was created. Today, the department is known as the Department of Natural Resource Funding or Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).
The Surveyor General is an official responsible for government surveying in a specific country or territory. Originally, this would often have been a military appointment, but is now more likely to be a civilian post.
This collection consists of severely culled letterbooks containing the letterpress copies of the Surveyor General's outgoing correspondence. Topics in some of the material include the payment of surveyors, the Geographic Board, and the need for a press in the lithographic office. These records are arranged chronologically.