Department of Environment, Inland Water Directorate : indexes, 1912-1950

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Canada. Dept. of Environment.
Department of Environment, Inland Water Directorate : indexes, 1912-1950
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The Department of Environment was officially formed in June 1971. The purpose of creating this department was to bring together the core functions relating to environmental quality and the natural environment under one minister. The Department of Environment, also known as Environment Canada, was created through the amalgamation of several branches, units and services from other departments responsible for activities relating to air, water, land, forests, wildlife, fish and meteorological services. Under the Constitution of Canada, responsibility for environmental management in Canada is a shared responsibility between the federal government and provincial/territorial governments. The provincial governments have authority over resource management, but the federal government is responsible for managing toxic substances in the country. Environment Canada administers and assists in the administration of nearly 25 acts, and it has an enforcement branch to ensure compliance with several federal statutes.
This collection consists of alphabetically arranged indexes (for A to F, see reels T-7115 to T-7116; for G to O, see reels T-7116 to T-7117; for P to Z see reels T-7117 to T-7118). The indexes list in detail the subject and author of virtually every letter, memorandum and report on these files with a corresponding file number. The indexes naturally apply to all files created by the Dominion Water Power and Reclamation Service (and its predecessors circa 1894 and successors circa 1950).