Department of Indian Affairs : Sarcee Agency

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Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs.
Department of Indian Affairs : Sarcee Agency
Ministère des Affaires indiennes : Agence de Sarcee
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Western Canada
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In 1755, the British Crown established the British Indian Department, and responsibility for Indian Affairs rested on the Superintendents of Indian Affairs from 1755 to 1841. After 1843, the Governors General held control of Indian Affairs, but usually delegated much of their responsibility to a series of Civil Secretaries. In 1860, the responsibility for Indian affairs was transferred from the government of Great Britain to the Province of Canada and the responsibility for Indian Affairs was given to the Crown Lands Department Commissions Responsible for Indian Affairs. The responsibility for Indian Affairs rested with various government departments between 1873 and 1966. The Minister of the Interior also held the position of Superintendent General of Indian Affairs after the Indian Affairs Department was established in 1880. From 1950 to 1965, the Indian Affairs portfolio was carried by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. In October 1966, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development was created. Today, the department is known as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
In 1880, an Indian Agent was appointed to administer the bands of the Treaty 7 area. Agency headquarters were at Fort MacLeod. During the next few years, other agents would take over responsibility. In October 1884, the responsibilities for the Treaty 7 area were formally split with the creation of two separate agencies. In 1885, the northern Treaty 7 agency was further divided with the Agent’s responsibilities confined to the Blackfoot reserve, in what now became known as the Blackfoot Agency. A separate agency, based at the Sarcee reserve, was set up for the administration of the Sarcee and Stoney band. This agency became known as the Sarcee Agency. Around 1901, a separate Stoney Agency was established for the administration of the Stoney bands. The Sarcee agency was amalgamated with the Stoney Agency in April 1948 under the name Stoney-Sarcee.
Microfilm reels C-14868 to C-14871 and T-1469 includes letters received by the agent for Sarcee Agency between 1887 to 1912.
Microfilm reels C-14870 to C-14871 and T-1469 contain general operational records with files relating to the following subjects: beef tenders, 1885-1893; farm reports on cattle ranches, 1887-1912; boarding schools, 1887-1908 and beef rations, 1894-1899.
Microfilm reels C-14871 to C-14876 and T-1469 consist of letterbooks, which include copies of letters written by the agent between 1886 to 1901. Most volumes contain an index; a few, however, do not.
Microfilm reels C-14871, T-1464 and T-1469 consist of financial records, including an account book, 1887-1889; a tabular statement and inventory of government property, 1887-1888; and invoices, 1886-1890.
Microfilm reels T-1467 and T-14870 consists of circulars created and maintained by the Sarcee Agency.
Microfilm reel T-14871 consists of an Agent's journal created and maintained by the Sarcee Agency.