Border entry lists: 1908-1918, 1925-1935

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Border entry lists: 1908-1918, 1925-1935
Listes d'entrées: 1908-1918, 1925-1935
MIKAN: 161375
Reels/Bobines: T-5461to T-5501, T-15346to T-15393
Archival Reference/Référence Archivistique: R1206-152-3-E
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Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
This collection consists of border entry lists for the period 1908-1918 and 1925-1935. The border entry records differ in form and organization from the ships passenger manifests. The lists record the names of immigrants who were accepted or rejected upon presentation at border ports of entry. Information recorded usually includes: age, occupation, country of birth or citizenship, mode of travel to the border, point of departure (country or U.S. State), including interim origin if travel was indirect, intended destination, amount of money on hand, and notes. Lists of rejected immigrants provide reasons for rejection. Many lists consist of blank or "nil" returns; the gaps and missing lists in many port series may be due to the failure of officials to submit returns in months in which no immigrants arrived. It is also believed that many persons arriving in Canada in this period were never listed. Reasons for this include the absence of Immigration officers at some crossing points, the closure of numerous ports at the outbreak of World War I, and the inability of officers at some busy ports to cover all arrivals. The 1908 to 1918 border entry lists are not indexed. They are grouped on the microfilm geographically, by province and port of entry, although many groups are in disorder or are interfiled with lists from neighbouring border ports. The April 1925 to 1935 lists include the following additional details: place of birth; name and address of relative, friend or employer to which the immigrant is destined; name, relationship and address of nearest relative in the country from which the immigrant came; admitted or rejected. Children born in the United States to Canadian citizens/residents are listed alone, as their parents were considered Returning Canadians, not immigrants. The lists from January to March 1925 are arranged alphabetically by port; they are not indexed. The lists from April 1925 to 1935 are arranged chronologically by year. Within each year, the lists for each month for all ports are filed together. A list at the start of each volume provides pages numbers for each port. Entries for individual immigrants can be located by using the volume and page numbers found in the index.