State minute books of the Executive Council of Upper Canada

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State minute books of the Executive Council of Upper Canada
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The Executive Council of Upper Canada had a similar function to England's Cabinet, but it was not responsible to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada. Members of the Executive Council usually belonged to the Legislative Council, the upper house governing Upper Canada, and they were appointed, often for life. The Council's first five members were appointed in July 1792. After the War of 1812, the Executive Council was dominated by members of the Family Compact. The Council was dissolved in February 1841 when Upper Canada and Lower Canada were unified into the Province of Canada.
This collection consists of minute books (commonly referred to as the "State Books") of the Executive Council which record that body's deliberations concerning state business during the period between 1792 to 1841. Minutes of committees and sub-committees, such as the committees appointed to audit Provincial public accounts, were often incorporated, as reports, into the State Books. The minute books in this series each contain an alphabetic index of names and subjects. The headings are somewhat idiosyncratic, but relatively reliable as a guide to the contents.