Royal Commission on Energy fonds

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Canada. Royal Commission on Energy.
Royal Commission on Energy fonds
Fonds de la Commission royale d'enquête sur l'énergie
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The Royal Commission on Energy, also known as the Borden Commission as its chairman was Henry Borden, was called by John Diefenbaker (1895 - 1979) in 1957 to investigate “a number of questions relating to sources of energy.” Hearings of the commission were held across Canada in 1958, and the commission received more than 100 submissions. The main issue before the commission was the demand by Alberta independent oil producers to find a market for their crude oil by building a pipeline from Edmonton to Montreal. In its 1958 and 1959 reports, the commission proposed that this pipeline not be built, appeasing large, international oil companies who found it more profitable to use imported oil in Montreal refineries. This recommendation came to be called the National Oil Policy, and the market west of the Ottawa Valley was secured for western oil producers. The commission also proposed the National Energy Board, which was set up in 1961 after being established by Parliament two years earlier, and this board remained in effect until the energy crisis of the 1970s.
This collection consists of the transcripts of hearings and submissions.
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