Collection de la Seigneurie de l'Ile-Bizard

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Ile-Bizard, Seigneurie de l'.
Collection de la Seigneurie de l'Ile-Bizard
French Canada
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Île Bizard is an island near the Island of Montreal in the Hochelaga Archipelago region. Historically named Île Bonaventure, by 1723 it had come to be named Île Bizard, after Jacques Bizard (1642 - 1692), to whom the island was conceded as a seigneurie in 1678. The island was also used by the settlers of New France as a way to get timber into Montreal from the St. Lawrence River.
This collection contains the act of concession giving the island to Jacques Bizard in 1678. There is also a draft agreement between Pierre Foretier, Moïse Knapp and James Kipp for the construction of two mills, a flour mill and a sawmill., on the island. There is a description of the construction of a windmill. There is an accord between Pierre Foretier and Pierre Audet dit Lapointe, 1812. The letters of H. Heney and Th. Turgeon addressed to Jacques Viger and Pierre Foretier are included as well.