Fonds Pierre et Pierre-Ambroise Gamelin

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Gamelin, Pierre et Pierre-Ambroise, 1736-1796.
Fonds Pierre et Pierre-Ambroise Gamelin
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Pierre Gamelin (1736 - 1796) was a storekeeper, trader, militia captain, and justice of the peace. At 22, he was the king’s storekeeper at Fort Frontenac (Kingston, Ont.), and he then served at Fort La Présentation (or Oswegatchie; now Ogdensburg, N.Y.). He moved to Montreal in 1762. Gamelin was accused of complicity in the affaire du Canada. In March 1762, the Paris Châtelet ordered his arrest, and he was tried in absentia. He was later acquitted. Gamelin had been in business as a wholesale and retail merchant since at least 1762. His account books, kept from 1766 to 1778, show that Canadians constituted 70 per cent of his clientele. In 1762, some of the British in Montreal took the initiative in bringing together about 30 citizens, of whom 10 were Canadians, with a view to founding a Masonic lodge. Wishing to form a connection with the upper-class British, Gamelin joined the group. However, in 1770, he also became the third churchwarden of the parish of Notre-Dame in Montreal. He was asked to give up one of his posts as the two were deemed incompatible.
This collection includes books of Pierre Gamelin including an original index or alphabetical list of clients, 1766-1781, and a short story about the creation of the world and other biblical stories. This collection also contains notarial acts and various documents concerning Pierre-Ambroise Gamelin (born 1789), 1814-1858; notebooks of tables of weights and measures and elementary arithmetic, 1802-1804.