Eastern U.S. ports extracts of ships' manifests

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Titre Eastern U.S. ports extracts of ships' manifests
Extraits des manifestes des navires des ports de l'Est des États-Unis
Identificateur lac_mikan_161344
RG 76 C
Business and commerce
Document original Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
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Description Immigration was handled by the Department of Agriculture from Confederation in 1867 until March 1892, when the Department of the Interior was formed. That department lasted until October 1917, when it merged with the Ministry of Labour. Immigration from 1917 to 1994 was placed in seven different ministries throughout time, until Citizenship and Immigration Canada was formed in 1994.
This collection consists of extracts of passenger manifests for ships arriving at four U.S. Atlantic seaboard ports, July 1, 1905 to November 1, 1921, and at Boston and Providence, 1925-1928.
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