Department of Marine: Subject file classification system

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Canada. Dept. of Marine
Department of Marine: Subject file classification system
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The Department of Marine and Fisheries was created on July 1, 1867, although it did not receive legislative authority until May 22, 1868. It is the department within the government of Canada that is responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs in support of Canada's economic, ecological and scientific interests in oceans and inland waters. Its mandate includes responsibility for the conservation and sustainable use of Canada's fisheries resources while continuing to provide safe, effective and environmentally sound marine services that are responsive to the needs of Canadians in a global economy. The department, today known as Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is responsible for several organizations, including the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Since Confederation, the responsibilities of the original Department of Marine and Fisheries, namely the Fisheries Service and the Marine Service, have transferred among several departments throughout time.
This collection consists of records maintained in the Marine Branch subject file classification system. The records cover virtually all aspects of contemporary marine administration, including the following subjects: shipwrecks and shipwreck investigations; pilotage; marine hospitals; lighthouses; foreshore rights and water lots; lifesaving; expeditions; masters and mates; humane establishments; customs; harbour commissions; legislation; signal service; meteorological service; wharves; government steamships; search and rescue; obstructions to navigation; harbours and harbour police; etc. The collection includes such records as a report on the condition of wharves, ca. 1933, and a wharfage ledger, 1932-1934.