Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission : Records of public hearings

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Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission : Records of public hearings
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The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) was established by the Broadcasting Act in 1968, though, prior to 1976, the CRTC was known as the Canadian Radio and Television Commission. It is an independent agency that regulates and supervises all sectors of the Canadian broadcasting system, including AM and FM radio, television, cable, pay-TV and specialty services. The CRTC grants, amends, or renews licences, monitors the performance of licensees and establishes broadcasting regulations and policies. In 1975, the CRTC Act also assigned to the CRTC responsibility for the regulation of the activities of telecommunications companies (eg, telephone companies) within federal jurisdiction. The CRTC is the successor of the Board of Broadcast Governors (1958-68). The CRTC at first reported to Parliament through the secretary of state, but early in the 1970s it began reporting through the minister of communications. During the 1970s and 1980s, the agency had a significant influence on the expansion of the music industry, especially through its regulations governing Canadian content in radio music programming (a mandatory 30 per cent for AM stations and from 10 to 30 per cent for FM stations).
This collection consists of records of public hearings held regularly across the country by the CRTC. The Commission plans, coordinates and conducts these hearings to consider applications for various broadcasting undertakings, policy matters, and proposed regulations as specified in Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act. The hearings are also intended to solicit interventions from members of the public on the subjects of a given hearing, or on subjects which fall within the Commission's mandate. The collection contains copies of the public hearings conducted by the CRTC, 1968-1981 (found on reels T-2536 to T-2547).